Justice For All Campaign Share priorities and learn how others in the coalition are campaigning for reforms using the Justice For All brand. Discuss and strategize ways to advance access to justice at the regional and global level. Coordinate and plan collective campaigning moments. Provide feedback and ideas on campaign strategy. For more information on the campaign visit <a href=""></a>.
About the Advocacy category [Advocacy] (2)
Discussion: Global issues, local action (Week 10) [Justice For All Campaign] (1)
Resource of the Week- 10 Days of Local Action: Action Pack [Justice For All Campaign] (1)
Discussion: how grassroots justice defenders are promoting citizen engagement (week 9) [Justice For All Campaign] (2)
Resource of the Week - Opening Justice: Access to justice, open judiciaries, and legal empowerment through the Open Government Partnership [Justice For All Campaign] (4)
Monthly Justice For All Coalition Calls - Get Involved [Justice For All Campaign] (9)

Join the Global Legal Empowerment Network campaign team for a monthly Justice For All coalition call to connect with other individuals and organizations campaigning to advance funding and protection for grassroots justic…

Drafting Legal Aid Policy and Creating A Pro bono Lawyers Portal/Application in Tanzania [Advocacy] (19)
Center for Development Program (CDP’s) statement on the eve of International Day for the protection of persons from enforced disappearances [Advocacy] (1)
Join us in the "Regional Action on Environmental Democracy to Fulfill the Vision of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda” [Justice For All Campaign] (2)
Discussion: how grassroots defenders are tackling modern day slavery (week 8) [Justice For All Campaign] (2)
Discussion: How can legal empowerment shrink the global inequality gap? (Week 7) [Justice For All Campaign] (1)
Justice For All global campaign: where we are at, the details, and are you in? ( 2 3 ) [Justice For All Campaign] (44)
Resource of the Week: Exploring the links between experiences of injustice and violent conflict [Justice For All Campaign] (1)
Discussion: Citizenship (Week 5) [Justice For All Campaign] (8)
Policing the police and safe guarding the right of the citizens [Justice For All Campaign] (4)
Making the case for access to justice at a national scale: Argentina´s example [Justice For All Campaign] (7)
Join the 10 Weeks of Action for Justice For All [Justice For All Campaign] (15)

BACKGROUND This September, world leaders and grassroots justice defenders will mark the 10th anniversary of the Commission on Legal Empowerment for the Poor’s (CLEP 10) report. This is a landmark moment to spotlight the…

Discussion: Environmental Justice - let's protect the justice defenders (Week 3) [Justice For All Campaign] (3)
Discussion: Women's Rights - what should we do? (Week 2) [Justice For All Campaign] (3)
Discussion: Economic Case for Investment (Week 1) [Justice For All Campaign] (3)
2018 OGP Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia [Justice For All Campaign] (8)
Resource of the week- Leveraging the SDGs for Inclusive Growth: Delivering Access to Justice for All [Justice For All Campaign] (1)
Justice is lacking in Africa [Justice For All Campaign] (5)
Join us to #WalkTogether for #JusticeForAll [Justice For All Campaign] (8)
The **#JusticeForAll** .a dream of the lifetime [Justice For All Campaign] (3)
Resource of the Week - Advocacy Toolkit: A Guide to Influencing Decisions that Improve Children's Lives [Advocacy] (1)
Resource of the Week - Workbook on Security: Practical Steps for Human Rights Defenders at Risk [Justice For All Campaign] (2)
How are you getting involved in the 2018 HLPF (9 - 18 July 2018)? [Justice For All Campaign] (3)
Empowerment for inmates of Nigerian Prisons Service in Ogun State, Nigeria [Advocacy] (9)
Take Action: Free #MusaNdamba [Justice For All Campaign] (4)

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