Justice For All Campaign Share priorities and learn how others in the coalition are campaigning for reforms using the Justice For All brand. Discuss and strategize ways to advance access to justice at the regional and global level. Coordinate and plan collective campaigning moments. Provide feedback and ideas on campaign strategy. For more information on the campaign visit
Topic Replies Activity
About the Advocacy category 2 September 7, 2016
Justice For All Coalition Calls - Get Involved 22 May 21, 2019
[Featured Resource] Justice for All: The report of the Task Force on Justice 3 May 15, 2019
#Right2Vote for those serving time now! 2 May 9, 2019
The right of access to justice and to courts: the inaccessability to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Uganda 3 May 9, 2019
Voices of SDG16+: Share your stories by May 15 for the chance to join us at the UN 4 May 7, 2019
Reviewing SDG16, Voluntary National Reviews and the High Level Political Forum 6 May 2, 2019
The power of success story to learn 5 May 1, 2019
Your wellbeing as an activist (webinar hosted by International Civil Society Center) 1 April 15, 2019
Mapping Legal and Human Rights Challenges in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster: The Case of Cyclone Idai In Zimbabwe 4 March 20, 2019
Access to justice 4 March 16, 2019
Webinar: OGP & The Year of Justice (14 March 2019) 5 March 14, 2019
Justice For All global campaign: where we are at, the details, and are you in? 59 March 12, 2019
Opportunity: Submit good practices and success stories on SDG implementation (Deadline 28 Feb) 2 February 27, 2019
Happy One Year Anniversary to Justice For All, Happy World Social Justice Day 3 February 21, 2019
Justice For All campaign launch + Grassroots Justice Prize ceremony! (20 Feb, 2018) 14 February 20, 2019
[Petition] Governor: Bungoma county budget has to value people 1 February 17, 2019
" L'affaire pour financer et protéger les défenseurs de la justice à la base" point de vue du Mali-Justice pour Tous 12 February 12, 2019
Where are we on the evolution of the activities of NAMATI (Justice For All)? 1 February 11, 2019
[Webinar] 2019 is Year of Justice (23 Jan 2019) 9 February 8, 2019
Discussion: Environmental Justice - let's protect the justice defenders (Week 3) 4 February 4, 2019
Increase citizens' access to legal services in Mali : Accès communautaire à la justice 14 January 31, 2019
Un manque de financement étouffe le travail d'autonomisation juridique à la base! 1 January 29, 2019
'The Case to Fund and Protect Grassroots Justice Defenders' - A View From Zimbabwe 13 January 29, 2019
Policy Brief Launch: The Case to Invest and Protect Grassroots Justice Defenders 5 January 28, 2019
Ensemble, luttons pour l'accès communautaire des femmes et des jeunes filles déscolarisées à la justice : ODD 1 January 24, 2019
[Featured Resource] Leveraging the SDGs for Inclusive Growth - Delivering Access to Justice for All 4 January 24, 2019
"Acuerdo por el Acceso a la Justicia. Una agenda para la efectividad de derechos" 2 January 17, 2019
Event: Building Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies Amid a World on Fire (Washington DC) 1 November 28, 2018
Discussion: Women's Rights - what should we do? (Week 2) 4 November 25, 2018

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