Citizenship Rights

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Breaking the Trap: Demanding Citizenship Rights in Kenya (video) (5)
SADC paralegals, your decision makers are discussing the future of statelessness in the region this week (1)
New Report: "Statelessness and Citizenship in the East African Community" (1)
Call for comments on the draft amendments to the Births & Deaths Registration Act Regulations (RSA) (4)
Citizenship Law of your country ( 2 ) (22)
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2018 Learning Exchange on Citizenship and Legal Identity (7-19 October) (12)
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Mombasa trip and community visits (10 to 15 October, 2018) (8)
What will Russian Cossacks do?Who can help? (2)
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Nairobi to Garissa Learning Exchange Site Visit (10-14 October, 2018) (2)
Digital identity and the role of paralegals (19)
[Featured Resource] Community-Based Practitioner's Guide - Documenting Citizenship and Other Forms of Legal Identity (1)
Children's Book on Nationality & Statelessness (5)
National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) calls for an immediate investigation regarding the crackdown of a peaceful demonstration in Al-Saraya on 19/6/2018 (1)
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Every day more are at risk of becoming stateless (2)
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Celebrating Community Paralegals (8)

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