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Welcome to the Global Legal Empowerment Network, LHR Refugee Clinic! (3)
How can we increase our impact toward justice for all (2)
Immatriculation des terres du domaine national au profit des communes (1)
I mark 1 year next week (10)
Network members at GPSA Forum in Washington DC? (1)
[Featured Resource] Community Land Protection Facilitators Guide / Guide des Facilitateurs de la Protection des Terres Communautaires (1)
[Featured Resource] Advancing the Right to Health: The Vital Role of Law (4)
Sketch theatre as a means of legally empowering youth (5)
New short documentary on community defenders for right to health (13)
The Business of Giving - An Interview with Namati's CEO (1)
Enregistrement des enfant à l'Etat civil par procuration (3)
Legal aid in Tanzania (3)
Event: How can international organizations best support local organizations? (Washington, DC) (1)
New member introductions (11 October to 24 October, 2018) (19)
New WHO guide: Advancing the right to health: the vital role of law (6)
Grappling with fake news (5)
Legal Empowerment Workshop, 7th Asia Pro Bono Conference, Migrants Rights Workshop (7)
Please vote for our organization in Tanzania (Just a click away) (7)
Network session during the exchange (9)
Network Members Meet and Greet event in Nairobi on 16 October, 2018 ( 2 3 ) (50)
New member introductions (27 September to 10 October, 2018) (16)
Homeless Youth Handbook Launch: Washington, DC (October 23 at 5pm) (2)
Landscape transformation: what does power have to do with it? (2)
New member introductions (9 August to 22 August) ( 2 ) (32)
Regional Research Workshop on Access to Justice in Asia (1)
When Law Does Not Match Society Expectations (1)
Universal declaration of human rights (2)
Discusion on poor-who is poor -what is poor mind or What.? (3)
The prevention and eradication of violence against women and children (2)
Should the private sector help finance legal empowerment? ( 2 3 ) (51)

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