Environmental Justice

Environment and country planning (4)
Webinar: Closing the enforcement gap - A Practice Guide for Environment Justice Paralegals (7 Feb, 2018) (6)
[Featured Resource] Safeguarding People and the Environment in Chinese Investments (2)
Introducing NET Africa (Natural Environment Technology) (6)
A Legal Briefing Note on Sand Mining in Coastal Areas: Legal Procedures to Follow (2)
Experience with sand mining/artisinal mining cases? (19)
Empowering communities to ensure compliance (11)
Acuerdo Regional sobre el Acceso a la Información, la Participación Pública y el Acceso a la Justicia en Asuntos Ambientales (Principio 10 de la Declaración de Río) (3)
Democracy at work: a community’s push for regulatory compliance (1)
Trouble brewing in the coastal areas (4)
[Featured Resource] Thirsting for Justice (1)
Water Privatisation stopped by the Supreme Court of Indonesia (3)
Article: Delhi's polluted air, by the people who live there (6)
Community Paralegals and Climate Justice (a view from Kenya) (17)
India's Land Acquisition law: changes and trends (2014 onwards..) (6)
Konebada Petroleum Park Authority in Papua New Guinea (4)
Environmental Compliance is key for Sustainable Development (2)
[Featured Resource] Accountability Resource Guide - Tools for Redressing Human Rights & Environmental Abuses in International Finance and Development (2)
Monsanto found guilty of human rights violation (2)
Our efforts get rewarded as the creek in Murdeshwar gets cleaner (6)
Ok Tedi Environmental Damage Case (4)
Mitigating the risks that community advocates face (4)
Meet Prafulla Samantara, environmental justice advocate & 2017 Goldman Environmental Prizewinner (2)
World Bank Board Approves New Environmental and Social Framework (2)
How residents of a municipal dumping site learned the law to fight back (5)
Anatomy of legalising violations: Examining Environment Ministry's policy of post facto approvals (1)
Call for Interviews - Access to Justice Research at India's National Green Tribunal (2)
Request for your support! (3)
Communities tackling impacts from coal (5)
Podcast on the Namati-CPR Environment Justice work (2)

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