About the Gender category (2)
Should SGBV ( Sexual and Gender Based Violence) be a capital offence in the strict sence (1)
Resource of the Week- Accessing Justice: Models, Strategies, and Best Practices on Women’s Empowerment (3)
Court of Justice of ECOWAS Rules in Favor of Mary Sunday (1)
Femme: un Etre Humain et non un Objet. Analyse de la FERAPAD-RDC au 08 Mars 2014 (1)
Hommage à la femme rurale. Elle se fait violence pour le bien-être de la famille (1)
Information sur l'activité de la Journée de réflexion des femmes rurales sur la paix (3)
SGBV (Sexual gender based violence) (7)
Resource of the Week - Women, Food, Land: Exploring Rule of Law Linkages (2)
Share how you are celebrating International Women's Day (15)
Resource of the Week: Breaking the Silence on Gender-Based Violence in Zimbabwe (1)
AWARE Uganda wins an award on social health innovation (3)
Securing burial rights for women and girls in Luo Nyanza community in Kenya (17)
Resource of the Week: Measuring Women's Economic Empowerment in Private Sector Development (1)
Introducing Fabrice Tungalu from Bukavu (5)
SGBV against women living with disabilities (2)
Boychild vs Girlchild (1)
Webinar: Women and Land Rights (14 February, 2018) (4)
What can we do to ensure that women are given equal consideration for government jobs? (5)
A call for ending FGM and early marriages in Tanzania (3)
16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence - Nov 25 to Dec 10, 2017 ( 2 ) (24)
Member Spotlight: Dynamique Des Femmes Juristes in Democratic Republic of the Congo (5)
Distress (3)
Publication: Customary Rules and Practices Strengthen Women’s Land Tenure in Rural Mozambique (2)
How to survive Curfew Girls in Bamenda Exchange Sex for Protection by Military (1)
New resource evaluating evidence from a community-based legal aid program for gender-equal land rights in Tanzania (10)
Leave No One Behind - #16DaysofActivism (3)
On a sad note a mother in Kenya gives a blessed Quinuplets Birth. Hits the headlines only to lose all (6)
Introducing Pillar of Vulnerable Women Active in DR Congo (3)
Resource of the Week: Learning about Women's Empowerment in the Context of Development Projects (1)

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