Land Protection

Discussion: Investigating mid-scale, national land grabs (6)
About the Land Protection category (3)
About Namati's Community Land Protection Program (7)
Burial practices in Daudi Karanja indigenous land in Mairi protected area in Kenya (3)
Land matters in Africa (4)
Op-ed: Unrestrained resource exploitation in Sierra Leone is a "dangerous gamble" (1)
Maina watene indigenous land (6)
Concept Note: Land Dispute Resolution Project in Kole district, Uganda (3)
Togo land grabbing (2)
Resource of the Week- Governing Land Investments: Do Governments Have Legal Support Gaps? (1)
Geological Search consulting (GSC) seeking partners in Democratic Republic of Congo ( 2 ) (27)
Resource of the Week: Land Rights and the Rush for Land (1)
Securing Land Rights in the Era of Land Grabbing: event live-stream at Northeastern University School of Law (2)
Webinar: Community Land Protection - Namati's model (1)
Barbuda after Hurricane Irma FYI (1)
Webinar - The Business Case for Land Rights: Private Sector Perspectives (1)
Securing Land Rights of Communities especially Communal Lands (10)
Large scale land investments and Sierra Leone’s draft National Land Policy (3)
2017 Edition: Namati's Community Land Protection Facilitators Guide (6)
New Blog about Community Land Protection and the SDGs (3)
Are your Land Rights Protected? Take the 10 Question Cadasta survey! (1)
Community Land audit to promote title ownership (8)
Land Portal Dialogue: Towards Sustainable Land Governance in Kenya (Aug 22 to Sept 1, 2017) (4)
Land Portal Dialogue: Recognition of Customary Tenure in the Mekong Region (Feb 2017) (1)
Why title deeds aren’t the solution to South Africa’s land tenure problem (3)
New report on strategic litigation and indigenous land rights (2)
Webinar: The Ogiek Victory: A Closer Look at Strategic Litigation for Land Rights (2 Aug, 2017) (5)
Apply Now - ILC & Namati Community Land Learning Initiative (1)
Court rules in favor of Indigenous group in mining land case (1)
How to Facilitate Community Rule Writing? Tips from Uganda (2)

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