Paralegals for Environment Justice: NEW PRACTICE GUIDE [Environmental Justice] (14)
Rigorous and immediate investigation of the Marielle Franco and Anderson Pedro Gomes’ murder [Justice For All Campaign] (4)
Resource: Changeroo for developing high-quality Theories of Change [Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation] (4)
Free online course: planning for data collection [Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation] (1)
Invitation to collaborate with Swasti Health Catalyst in Bangalore [Paralegals] (1)
Resource of the Week: The Virtual Police Station [Community Discussions] (1)
April 15th: Input on the implementation of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders [Justice For All Campaign] (2)
What are you working on? (5 April, 2018) ( 2 ) [Community Discussions] (36)
Webinar: How can you tip the scales towards #JusticeForAll? Collective campaigning for grassroots justice. (April 5) ( 2 ) [Justice For All Campaign] (22)
How to access learning and support quickly, and report a violation [Justice For All Campaign] (1)
Access to justice project in Liberia [Justice For All Campaign] (1)
Webinar Week April 2018 Recording [Community Discussions] (3)
Live streamed event: New Frontiers of Displacement and Fragility: How Can Flexible Financing Tackle 21st Century Challenges? (18 April) [Innovative Financing] (1)
Muste Institute Social Justice Fund accepting applications until 9 July, 2018 [Opportunities] (1)
What's been happening globally on citizenship & statelessness? Check out ISI's year in review [Citizenship Rights] (4)
Resource of the Week - Making the Law Count: Ten Environment Justice Stories by Community Paralegals in India [Environmental Justice] (2)
Making the Law Count: Collection of published stories by CPR-Namati Environmental Justice Paralegals [Paralegals] (2)
Top Priority of the New Myanmar President [Paralegals] (4)
What are you working on? (8 March, 2018) ( 2 ) [Community Discussions] (23)
What are you working on? (12 Jan 2018) [Community Discussions] (18)
What are you working on? (22 March, 2018) ( 2 ) [Community Discussions] (21)
Discussion: Investigating mid-scale, national land grabs [Land Protection] (5)
Webinar: Casebox - human rights case management (January 2017) [Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation] (14)
Celebrating Community Paralegals [Citizenship Rights] (8)
Immigration laws: rule of law in developed and develpoing countires [Community Discussions] (1)
Resource of the Week: Legal Empowerment of Informal Workers Formalizing Street Vending as a Tool for Poverty Reduction [Community Discussions] (1)
Upcoming global campaign: where we are at, the details, and are you in? ( 2 ) [Justice For All Campaign] (39)
Annual Survey - What should we get done together this year? [Community Discussions] (11)
Statelessness Index - new tool from the European Network on Statelessness [Citizenship Rights] (2)
Togo land grabbing [Land Protection] (2)

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