13 insights from the front lines of human rights activism

Open Democracy listed 13 insights from the front lines of human rights activism - from localizing strategies to fostering intersectionality, from taking smart risks to promoting self-care.

The Global Legal Empowerment Network’s efforts resonated with me while reading this list, from paralegals and communities partnering to advance hyperlocal solutions to injustice, building mass movements and campaigns to demand Justice For All (which includes calls for funding and protection of justice defenders), to cross-border collaborations such as learning exchanges and leadership courses.

Which strategies on Open Democracy’s list resonated with you? Are there any you would add? Which felt most connected to your membership in the Network?


Good morning, Thank you very much for sharing this interesting article. I would chose sharing learning - number 9. In Canada surprisingly for me the access to justice is problematic, in British Columbia they are talking about access to justice crisis. There are different initiatives designed to educate the people about their legal rights and to self-represent themselves in the courts. Sharing the knowledge is crucial and many local initiatives can help. Have a wonderful day. Alexandar


I will go with 3 and 4 because of mindset of people. People feels if you are not a lawyer in Nigeria, you do not know your rights or can defend it.

Seed funding is lacking as funders seems to prefer old and established organizations to work with, new ideas are dying too. But there is time for rejuvenation.

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