16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence - Nov 25 to Dec 10, 2017

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) has awarded a grant to Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc. to host 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence from November 25th – December 10th, 2017.

A program of activities follows from 25th, November; the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10th, December, Human Rights Day, the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign is a time to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world. The international campaign originated from the first Women’s Global Leadership Institute coordinated by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership in 1991. We are working on finalizing our schedule of activities including a public march on December 07th, 2017




Welcome, Catherine! I am so glad you are here and appreciate you sharing your upcoming campaign with us. Please continue to update us here as your plans take shape and you start organizing various events, and we will try to help as best we can to promote your campaign.

I was struck by the youtube video on your website, which is not long but gives an interesting view into the challenges people face in addressing GBV in your country. Thanks for what you do! :seedling:

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We received funding from the UK High Commission to create inter agency collaboration, communication and integration among social services agencies including the police and to retrain on how to deal with victims of gender based violence the facilitator is a professor of criminal justice from Connecticut. This has improved the services and resulted in many many disclosures and reports.

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Bonne initiative

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Thanks for the reply, Vanessa! Thanks to the power of the Internet you can contribute to this campaign in the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, by promoting it in your networks. You can also learn from Catherine’s experience and explore ways to replicate it in the Democratic Republic of Congo in support of human rights your organization and those around you work to defend.

The Sustainable Development Goals can be a good way to frame the activity, since many organizations you might partner with, including international organizations and funders, use it to organize their priorities.

From November 25th to December 10th we have one activity per day:

  • Nov 25th - Lights project, we will light up public buildings in orange and purple to raise awareness on gender based violence
  • Nov 26th - Mixed Panel Discussion on Gender Based Violence
  • Nov 27th - Call you MP Day to ask for enactment of the OECS Family Law Bill and Amendments to other pieces of legislation
  • Nov 28th - Community Meeting - Legal Literacy & Human Rights
  • Nov 29th - International Day for Female Human Rights Defenders Day, Honoring Female Human Rights Defenders
  • Nov 30th - Community Meeting - Legal Literacy & Human Rights
  • Dec 1st - World Aids Day, Community Health Fair
  • Dec 2nd - Abolition of Slavery Day - Empowerment Workshop for Survivors of Gender Based Violence Only
  • Dec 3rd - International Day of Persons with Disability, Distribution of supplies to special needs children
  • Dec 4th - Community Meeting - Legal Literacy & Human Rights
  • Dec 5th - Community Meeting - Legal Literacy & Human Rights
  • Dec 6th -
  • Dec 7th - Public March to raise awareness on gender based violence
  • Dec 8th -
  • Dec 9th -International Anti-Corruption Day
  • Dec 10th-Human Rights Day, Honoring Human Rights Defenders

We are still discussing activities for 6th & 8th December, we appreciate your input as well.


This looks great. Thanks for sharing, Catherine! :seedling: (I hope you don’t mind but I made a small formatting edit to fix the bullet list.)

You certainly picked a great time of year to organize these 16 days of activism, considering the days marking important human rights causes that fall within this period!

Are you planning to have a campaign hashtag so allies can use twitter and other social media to follow and share your campaign? For every activity you could take pictures or even video (being careful not to endanger anyone) and post to twitter with the hashtag, and we can then join in remotely.

Here’s a link to a blog post that might help. Other network members like @mckinleycharles and @cocolammers might have suggestions as well.


We should have a hashtag, shouldn’t we, but we welcome assistance and will read through the blog, thanks for suggesting.

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Hi @CatherineSealys,

I am impressed with your calendar of initiatives! Well done to you and your team.

The article Tobias shared is a good intro to hashtags. You can certainly create your own so that people online can engage with Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia’s events but I encourage you to also include #16days. This is the official, international hashtag. By using it in your tweets (and to a lesser extent, your Facebook posts) people from all over the world who are interested in 16 days of activism will be able to see what Saint Lucia is doing.


Good Evening All.I thought i should share our Activity planned [here in Mombasa, #kenya] for the 16days.GVB.On Sartuday 25th together with 9 other orgs we will hold a peace procession to a school.We picked this school Mtopanga primary for we identify six pregnancie cases.The six girls aged 13/14 are now school drop outs.We traced the male counterparts and found most are public service motor crew icluding piki piki .We have though the local administration invited them to the procession.We will then have plays,poems,drama and informative flyers .On Saturday On 1st Dec world aids Day we will do a similar activity for boy child and Hiv/Aids awareness .We target a highway which is on the high rise due to truck drivers.Thirdly we are planning to visit families Victims of post election violence by the law enforcers who turned against its on citizens…Thank you.


Thank you.I will right away


Well done to you and your team, Mary. These all sound like great initiatives. I appreciate you sharing why you picked the places you did.


Thank you @mckinleycharles.We Chose Mtopanga primary school for its the most populated public school with more than 1000 Girls and 900boys.That is from pre unit to class 8.They also have a secondary school almost in the same compound.For the last 3years girls have been dropping out of school due to early pregnancy.This year 2017 by October 6 cases had been reported.We have one man in custody and hoping for the other 5 soonest.Mtopanga is just a starting point we plan visit more schools in conjuction with the county Goverment. We have a drama team with short plays mainly to inspire,prevent and empower. We also plan on having a one on one with the fallen ones. Its also sad that in Nyanza A girl (orphan) 17years was waylayed and hold captive for 8hours,gang raped by 8men.Forced to wash and left in the field in the night.Her attempt to get treatment from a local GK community clinic was thwarted as she was turned away for lack of coins .30ksh. She got help 72,hrs later which medically is too late.We shared on whatsapp and fb and a friend went to Kisumu today to save and take her in Her Nairobi Home. We thank God but this world Looh.Women are vunrable. Thank you once again.


@mustafa_mahmoud Am happy to see a Kenyan on Board here. Am in Mombasa. We had a great function yesterday being our openning activity of the 16 days activism gender violence.

We came together with other org and paralegals.We had girls former sex workers give testimonies .We had short play on early pregnancies empowerment.Six girls in that school had to drop out this year due to pregnancy.The school has more than 1000girls .Mixed school.One of the men,a youth is already behind bars.

It may not stop but gradually we will reach there.

Thank you.


Mambo @mariahoyier

Karibu nyumbani.

Actually there are many Kenyans here :wink:. We even have Coastarians like you around. @Lore @Mwanatumu @amoory @AndrewOchola et al work with Haki center our partners at the Coast. They played a big role in the Makonde registration. They work on citizenship rights among other issues that affect people at the Coast.

I am happy you are doing some good work at the Coast. Have you ever heard of Haki Center? It would be good to exchange ideas both here and you can even visit their offices and see what they do. They use paralegals to help people acquire IDs, birth certificates and other services I believe a visit to their offices will be a good learning experience.


Thank you @mustafa_mahmoud. Thats Good News. I will Check them out. I think we have been in a joint seminar with them. Lets make the world a ball as was put by a member here.


Hello Catherine,

That looks like a great calendar spread out during the 16 days of activism. All the very best!

Warm wishes, Karuna, Multiple Action Research Group (MARG)


Good Morning Team. Let me share the 16 days of activism .We Onugpwani were on toes from day one. We also witnessed Kenya police brutality inside the 16 days and shared on my tweets the scary photos which as reported included rape and sodomization.

  • 25 Nov. We partnered with six org and held awareness, empowerment and poets at Mtopanga primary where six girls were forced to drop out of school due to early pregnancy.
  • 26 Nov. Were at Bamburi Ward with talent search and shot dramas
  • 27 Nov. Football league girls under 18
  • 28 Nov. Foot ball Boys under 18
  • 29 Nov. Women and Community Dialogue in Changamwe
  • 30 Nov. We visited hospitals
  • 31 Nov. We held members lunch
  • 1 Dec. We joined the County GK and other organization. Worlds aids day
  • 2 Dec. We joinned in enviromental clean up
  • 3 Dec. Our youths joined the PWD march
  • 4 Dec. We together with other orgs, Kenya police joinned in a police band march and door to door in Changamwe as the handed over bangles of peace a significance of bridging and building the lost confidence.
  • 4 and 5 Dec. Admitted 250 youths from Kilifi /Mombasa County. We named it Boot camp as sports was in the program. GBV was main discussion and we together learnt and i believe we came out stronger. We joined hands with Kenya YMCA, HURIA and Chiefs.
  • 7 and 8 Dec. We were invited to a youth and Women forum by the NSC… GK. In a lucrative sport collecting report on election violence. It was like a holiday to many of us but the testimonies were chilling.
  • 9 and 10 Dec. We joinned KNCHR, MUHURI, CWID, OMBUDSMAN, KITUO CHA SHERIA, TI, and other smaller orgs joined hands at Kisauni grounds where were addressed the public on GBV. It was a great experience.

Alone we can’t together we can.

Thank You.


Thanks, for the post-campaign report, Mary! So lovely to see this photo (which one is you?) and wonderful to hear all the inspiring and life-changing activities you organized for your community. Wow! :heart_eyes: :rocket:

What is your twitter handle?

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Thanks thats me sitted.