2015 Member Survey (closed)

Decide the future of our movement by taking our annual survey!


We are weighing our next steps as a Global Network based on strategic advice from leaders in our movement. There are lots of options to choose from, but the final decision rests in the hands of all our members. Your input, as expressed by the results of this survey, will guide our efforts in the coming year.

Help us decide on our priorities for 2016 - fill out the survey now. Together we will achieve great things.


The Network Survey will close soon - if you have not filled it out, please give 5 minutes to help decide our priorities for 2016!

Have other members from your country filled out the survey already? Has your vote been counted in what our Network should focus on next year?

Below are two sneak peeks into some of the responses thus far. Vote now!

##About regional hubs

##Number of respondents by country

For an interactive view of the above map, click here.


Thanks for sharing these stats, @michaelotto! I look forward to seeing the final tally.

@ngc @cpr_team @namati_sierraleone @namati_myanmar @namati_mozambique: can you help spread the word among network members in your countries?

The direct link to the survey is https://namati.org/network/survey

Thanks! :seedling:

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How much longer will the survey be open? I’m sending a few more links now! Looking forward to seeing all the results!

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Thanks for continuing to help spread the word, Laura! Much appreciated. We’re closing the poll next week so need to get everyone’s votes in ASAP! :rocket: