2016 legal empowerment leadership course materials and readings

This year’s legal empowerment leadership course at Central European University was an inspiring event with 60+ practitioners from over 20 countries discussing cutting edge subjects in our field. Since the course ended, we have received requests from network members for access to the materials. Below you will find a list of the pre-course readings and session materials to read and reference. For a short blog story on this year’s course, you can also click here.

##Pre-course readings

We asked all course participants to read the following pieces (and watch one video) in advance of the course. These readings gave us a common foundation and we referenced them throughout the course.

###Introduction to Legal Empowerment (@vivekmaru)

“Rule of Law for All”- please watch this 11 minute video from the Oslo Freedom Forum.

###Helping people to understand the law (@lisawintersteiger)

A blog explaining our approach from two of our senior teachers entitled ‘How do we teach about law?’ Law for Life How do we teach about the law? by Tara Mulqueen and Tony Thorpe.pdf (359.0 KB)

###Legal empowerment and securing citizenship rights (@lauragoodwin, @mustafa_mahmoud)

An introduction to key decisions that influenced citizenship rights projects in Bangladesh and Kenya. Reading for Citizenship Session.pdf (150.6 KB)

###Using research to make the case for financing & recognition of community justice services (@PascoePleasence, @zazanamoradze)

OSJI Legal Needs Surveys - Background Materials 1 - An Introduction to Legal Needs Surveys (1) v3.6 2016 06 22 web_Pascoe.pdf (2.3 MB)

###The paralegal movement in the Philippines (@marlonmanuel)

The updated chapter on the paralegal movement in the Philippines of a forthcoming book (Cambridge University Press). Community-Based Paralegalism in the Philippines- From Social Movements to Democratization_Franco, Soliman, Cisnero.pdf (799.5 KB)

###Ensuring effective delivery of essential health services in India (@francescaferuglio)

Accountability in the delivery of maternal and infant health services - Nazdeek’s approach to fight maternal and infant mortality.pdf (87.7 KB)

##Individual session materials are listed below: Vivek Maru: Introduction to Legal Empowerment (47 MB ppt)

Lisa Wintersteiger: Helping People to Know the Law (2 MB ppt)

[Laura Goodwin and Mustafa Mahmoud: Legal Empowerment and Securing Citizenship Rights] (Laura and Mustafa.Legal Empowerment and Securing Citizenship Rights.pptx - Google Drive) (3 MB ppt)

Pascoe Pleasence: Legal Needs Surveys (966 KB ppt)

Zaza Namoradze: Recognition and FInancing of CBJS (321 KB pdf)

Marlon J. Manuel: The Paralegal Movement in the Phillipines (8 MB ppt)

Gagan Sethi: Diversifying Revenue (9 MB ppt)

Francesca Feruglio: Ensuring Effective Delivery of Essential Services

We hope this is useful and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or thoughts on the course.