2020: The Year in Review

For grassroots justice advocates and justice seekers around the world, 2020 was the year when, despite the pandemic, we garnered our resources and got together to in our quest for justice for all.

As we brace the new year and work towards filling in the gaps that were exposed, and continue being exposed by the pandemic, here’s a list of top the Top 5 Community Discussions that happened on here for your review.

  1. Covid-19 and prisons: ensuring an effective response

  2. United States reeling

  3. Should Member States of the African Union Reform Their Judiciary?

  4. Spreading the precautionary news on COVID-19 in Nigeria via social media

  5. Criminal Justice Accountability Forum in Nairobi, Kenya (28 February, 2020)

A huge congratulations and thankyou to @AhmedMohamed, @APAVLOV @johnmasuwa, @lorenzowakefield and @DennisEkwere for being our Top 2020 Members. We appreciate the time you took to time chime in on member conversations and post new topics, thus keeping engagement here at an all-time high.


Thank you Mutanu to recognize me. It is you in-fact must be congratulated for opening my eyes from the time i joined community discussion platform. In my local language we say; “umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya bwali”. This simply mean that: “a child who does not travel and see what other mothers cook, always praises his/her mother to cook better”. To me, at least i have benefited though i am not trained in advanced human rights, i can now know what is happening in personal, community and national environment levels in terms of justice. This is because of Legal Empowerment Network through community discussion platform, i therefore feel guilty when i see injustice and i keep quite when we have this platform to share and get advice from members of the platform. Stay safe and a healthy 2021.


Thanks to you as well @mutanukyanya for involving us in recalling last year’s reviews.

This year (2020) was a year of its unique challenges, it will be remembered for its noble disease COVID-19 and several other human rights violations such as police cruelty. But most significantly, it will be remembered for the great work done by the Legal Empowerment Network Team across the Globe such as:

We move forward with perseverance,Advocacy & God’s help.

Thanks u again.


Thank you Namati for this recognition. I am encouraged.

It’s a good start for the year 2021.

My best is yet to come.

Respect to all.