2021 workshop on use of petition as advocacy strategy


Every year in the last 2 years of my 10 years in active activism in Nigeria, I put up a free mentorship program through 2 days (one hour per day) whatsapp sessions for young and inspiring activists at grassroots in Nigeria to share my real life experience on best use of petition as powerful advocacy tool to drive successful social change and impact through evidence based approaches. The program absolutely free for participation.

This year’s edition is drawing near (October 2021) and plans are on top gear to make it bigger if I can get support from donors that could buy into this.

This year I will be sharing why I always use one page letter petition as my strategy and why it always work for me. How to identify the issue and stay straight to it. How to back up your points and play the social game without shifting ground and focus for results.

I will be sharing -

  1. How my petition set free a juvenile that was remanded in remand home for culpable homicide for over 6 months without trial.
  2. How I countered Kaduna Electric Company from forcefully imposing that prepaid customers must purchase electric token at not below N1,000 as violation to consumer’s rights to choice and squashed it.
  3. How I resisted and demanded for timely, quality healthcare service delivery from one of the national hospitals and demanding for health rights till I got it.
  4. How to overcome police abuse and violation in non violence ways for your rights during unlawful arrest and detention.
  5. How to overcome administrative injustice from public service/institutions and examples of those I overcame.
  6. How I got Kaduna State Government to rebuild the school toilets.

Interested to join the session this year 2021? Begin to drop your whatsapp number on the comment and you will be communicated soonest going forward.

Limited spaces available. First 30 people to drop whatsapp number will only be those admitted.

Goodluck. Bravo!