2022 EDITION ON - The Power of Petition as Advocacy Tool for Social Change


“The Power of Petition as Advocacy Tool for Social Change”.

Are you grassroot rights defender in Africa? Are you passionate about rights of weak in your community? Are you interested in learning from practical experience on how to use petition to influence policies, challenge and change unlawfulness, attract Government attention to infrastructure and development in health and education and other sectors in your community? And so much more?

Then this workshop is for you. It is billed for Thursday 25th August 2022 by 11am -1pm. Participation is free.

I will be sharing my over 10 years experience of using petition to -

• Get a juvenile set free from detention. • Get Government attention to building of school toilets and water system pumps, boreholes. • Get ruling over arbitrary exploitation by Electricity Company in Nigeria. • Get people released from unlawful police detentions. • Get National Hospital to understand that rights to health is human rights. • Get policy transformation in the financial technology ecosystem •Track for justice for victims of gender based villollations. And so much more. You wouldn’t want to miss this.

It will be interesting, revealing and insightful to know what worked for me and how you can learn, replicate or upscale at no cost.

To register, please send your whatsapp number with message - “PETITION” to - +2348036464525.

Please note; all participants will be added to the whatsapp group on 23rd August 2020 for the program.

Be part. Register today.


Am very much interested in this program and like to be a full part of it, to change the narrative of getting justice for the Urban poor which I represent as a certified Community Paralegal and human rights advocate. It’s a tool I’ve been longing to learn so I can make impact in addressing the social responsibilities of our government and multi national companies. Thanks for the opportunity to study for real petition writing.

You are welcome. Hopefully you have registered.

You’ll be keep posted.


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