30,000 locals are victims contaminated water of mine chemicals

About 30,000 local people in Kalumbila North western Zambia are victims of contaminted water that because of a near by mine. We are looking at taking Kalumbila Minreals Limited to court over the same. We have all the facts, in the past months did a number of tests on water samples from the borehores and river and dam and the results where positive. Its time for the local people to be protected. We have set up a programme called the Initiatives and Management Aginst Pollution [IMP] that is ocumenting all thoses affected so that they can be part of the Class action Lawsuit . Are there any lawyers who are members of the Global Legal Empowerment who can be part of helping us to take the mine to court. We have all the facts.

Please call Dr. Oliver Mupila at 260-979-611-545 to see how you can help out. Email: mupilaopk@gmail.com Kalumbila North Western Zambia


Hello @OliverMupila. This is terrible. Does Kalumbila Minerals have a environmental license or approval for mining? If yes, can you share it on email (kanchikohli@namati.org). The groundtruthing method might be useful. See here and here.

Also will be useful to contact @RoseBirgen and @ginococchiaro based in Kenya as they are also working on environmental compliance using the ground-truthing and other related methods.

@cpr_team @vivekmaru


Thank you for your time, Kalumbila Minerals Ltd is not in compliance at all , we have ZEMA who looks at environmental compliance it seems they are not doing the job to enforce . We are looking at dragging them to court that is if we can find help .

Dr. Oliveer Mupila-Cordinator

Initiatives and Management Against Pollution[IMP]

Kalumbila North Western Zambnia


Hi @OliverMupila - and thanks for linking us into the conversation @kanchikohli - we’ve been using legal empowerment methodologies, with the support of Namati, to deal with similar issues in Kenya and Zimbabwe. You mention a lawsuit, which may be the best action, but it might be worth considering other strategies also? Do you know what has been done to try and address the impacts so far?


Nothing has been done to try and address the impacts so far, that is why we are trying to register as many victims as we can to push the matter to court.

Dr. Oliver Mupila


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