4th annual Legal Empowerment Leadership Course (Budapest, 2 - 7 December 2018)

The @leadership_course_2018_participants Started with @marlonmanuel 's great introduction of what is legal empowerment. Legal empowerment is process and goal both to transform the lives of individual and communities.

Marlon facilitated Intense discussion around knowing the law, using the law and shaping!

It was very insightful session and we had very rich experiences shared by participants about their work and various methodologies they are using to bridge the gap between law and communities.

Please feel free to share your insights of the session!


Thank you so much for sharing an overview of Day 1 @Farzanakhan. I completely agree with you about the learnings you shared…

I was also inspired by the group that drew an image to capture the spirit of what it will take to achieve Justice For All through social movements.

The group that drew this image might be able to elaborate more, but in spirit, this image shows that the community should drive the social movement (the car) in partnership with a coalition of actors (the “backseat drivers”) - civil society, campaigners/advocates, community paralegals, layers, etc. The car is fueled by donor support and organizing, the laws, and legal empowerment serve as the wheels. Legislation is one of the bumps in the road towards change.

Thank you to this group for sharing their clear and creative vision of legal empowerment and social movements with the @leadership_course_2018_participants.

Credit: Dear artist and group, please do @mention yourself so you can get well-deserved credit for this inspiring work of legal empowerment art.


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Thursday 6 December 2018, Day 5 of the course. Although it is cold outside today ( minus 1 degree celcius), the atmosphere inside the training room was heated by animated discussions and learning. Most people completed their Problem Statements/Plans and some of them could be seen typing away furiously when getting a chance.The morning focused on the use of technology for Legal Empowerment Programs and the afternoon was dedicated to building some skills. I opted for Bottom Up Storytelling and Popular Education for Community Empowerment.

Key takeaways for me are; start where people are at in all contexts, including technology and education must be problem posing and lead to change.