5 videos on how land corruption impacts lives in sub-Saharan Africa

The LandPortal posted a great collection of five powerful films about land corruption in Africa and the effects it has on peoples’ lives. These are great examples of using media and storytelling in advocacy. Do you have other examples of powerful videos that show the impacts of land corruption or insecure land rights? How do you use video or media in your work?

@NeilSorensen “From exposing dodgy land barons in Zimbabwe, to public-private sector collusion forcing locals off their land in Uganda, we’re using the power of video show how land corruption affects lives and what advocates are doing to bring about change. Take a look:”

Ghana This film was made by widowed farmers in Kulbia village in northern Ghana. It documents how land rights violations are destroying their livelihoods.

Kenya Amid increasing pressure on urban land and shifting land use practices, we show why it’s vital that school land in Kenya becomes anchored in a formal tenure system.

Madagascar We made this video to raise awareness about women’s land rights and the challenges they face in realising them.

Uganda In Amuru in northern Uganda, we show how the government and big business are eyeing communal farmland for profit, putting pressure on vulnerable local communities to relocate.

Zimbabwe We lift the lid on illegal housing cooperatives run by land barons in cahoots with municipal officials. When someone “buys” a property through such a scheme, he or she runs the risk of paying for land that has already been allocated to someone else.

When citizens in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands had to apply to their village leaders for small plots of farmland on which to eke out a living, leaders wanted something in return from the women applicants. In some cases they demanded sex – in others, it was cattle, goats or money.