5 Ways the Network Survey Results Influenced our Plans

This past December and January we asked members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network about the needs and challenges of their work, and how we can grow stronger as a community. People from 52 countries responded.

As we cross the half-year mark, we wanted to share what we learned from the survey, what we’ve done about it, and what we plan to still do.

To read the post, see the survey results, and add your thoughts, visit: https://namati.org/news/networksurvey/

We’re looking forwarding to hearing from you.

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Thanks for sharing the 5 priority areas for legal empowerment. My hopes are that the findings help shape future plans and concerted efforts to come up with fund raising strategies to sustain the movement and strengthen grassroots advocacy


Thanks @Chinga, this is certainly a huge priority for all of us in the legal empowerment movement and we are always thinking about it. We will have a session dedicated to this at the leadership course and will look to put together a video and possibly a webinar for the Network on innovative strategies for financial sustainability, so will be in touch more about these plans as they develop.


This network is vast and fascinating in a ways that it gathers ideas from different stake partners around the global to articulate opportunities and challenges faced by women and children in the process of enjoying human rights. For your information, Rwanda (Kigali) is hosting 27th African Union Summit and the theme is that: “Women Rights are Human Rights.” and today Rwandan minister of justice will be presenting on the achievements met in promotion of women rights in Rwanda.


I am looking forward to this training resource guide. Having this will streamline the process so that all agenda for legal aid will be met. Especially to allow clients to remember and share the knowledge they will have learnt from a guided learning and aid process. Good job and many thanks for providing this platform for organizations in this work all over to interact.