5th Legal Empowerment Leadership Course (Budapest, 1-7 December 2019)

Hi @Marthaopilli,

It’s great to hear that you are implementing the knowledge gained during the Leadership Course, and sharing it with the paralegals and communities that you are working with.

Thank you for sharing with us your plans on reafirming their role as paralegals and building their capacities regarding knowing, using and shaping the law. Also, great theme! :muscle:t4:

What about other participants of this year’s LELC? We would love to hear from you too @leadership_course_2019_participants !


Great job Martha! It is wonderful to see you put in practice lessons from the leadership course. As always, I remain inspired by your work


Hi Aimee and Marta .Thank you .Aimee one of this fine days will invite you to Kisumu we go together to the community.


You read my mind !! Coming to Dala soon


Hi everyone!

I have also some updates to share. In December last year, I invited all four of our instructors to a lunch meeting to share my gained knowledge during the LELC with them. Those instructors are the trainers for our participants on legal advice course. The meeting was a success that two of them suggested to do strategic advocacy on two different thematic issues regarding labour law and family law. At the moment we are collecting cases with this regard and will develop our strategy accordingly.

Regards Uyanga


Beautiful and inspiring.


Hi everyone! These are my updates to share. On 17th of January we had the first meeting of specialised paralegals in Molodva and signed the contracts with them. So I had the chance to guide two informational sessions for this group of 17 specialised paralegals on these subjects


  1. Popular education (I had translated the presentation you have shared with us during LELC and I will be glad to share it with all of you). I did my best to transmit the energy and motivatifon I felt during this session organized by @michaelotto and @marlonmanuel. During the break almost all participants approached to ask details about LELC and thanked for the presentation and interactive exercises (one of them - the quiz Michael started the session) which realy raised their motivation to start the work in 2020.
  2. We just started to discuss what are the main problems that the community is interested to mobilize and start solving them, based on the presentation of @vivekmaru “Land and environmental justice”. The quizz provoked a lot of discussions on environmental situation in Moldova. I will keep informing you about next actions that will be doing with my involvment.

Народное образование_СПЮ 1-2020.pdf (616.5 КБ)


Hi @tsuyanga,

Thank you for sharing your updates! When possible, we would love to hear more on how you are planning your advocacy strategy :rocket: .

It is great to hear that you are sharing the LELC knowledge, and that it is encouraging the instructors of the legal advice course to pursue new ideas and strategies to empower the communities that you work with and advance access to justice.


Hi Oxana (@obuzovici) and Uyanga (@tsuyanga),

Thanks for these great updates from Moldova and Mongolia! It is truly heart-warming that you are putting your LELC experience to good use in your work.

Hope to get more updates from the other @leadership_course_2019_participants.


Hi @obuzovici ,

We are very happy to hear from you and everything you have been working on since we came back from Budapest!

It is great to see that you are making the most of the course sessions and using them back home. Also, thanks for sharing the translated presentation and the pictures :star: .


Good morning, @tsuyanga @obuzovici It is really inspiring to see what is going on around the world. Thanks for these updates.

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Great taken note. John Masuwa

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