A call for ending FGM and early marriages in Tanzania

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Early Marriages are among the Harmful Traditional Practices in many sub-Saharan Africa, including Tanzania. The SPRF is currently focusing on Advocacy for women and Adolescents Rights Empowerment against the above traditions. We have managed to reach as many as 2,000 women and adolescents in one district of Ikungi in Singida region, Tanzania. More communities in the remotest villages need to be aware of this vices to learn the basic women health and basic human rights for them to understand their rights and be able to condemn these brutal actions. We are conducting AWARE project in the area since August 2017. So, SPRF is looking for organizations which are interested with Gender Based Violence issues to join our team to scale up this program as innovative financing in rural communities.

Kindly Visit www.sprf.or.tz to learn more from our organization, or may contact cmsuleiman@gmail.com on any discussion.


I will be interested in carrying out a research work on the existence of FGM in remote rural communities in Ghana, despite the global cry against the practice. I think people in remote areas are not sensitized enough on the dangers of the practice or there may be something mystic or cultural, or some hidden truth about it and must be unearth to get the people to buy into stopping it through effective advocacy.

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@Gyansie thank you for your post about FGM in Ghana. I decided to move it here so you can discuss and learn together with @SuleimanMuttani who is working on the same type of thing in Tanzania. You should meet here and compare notes!