A Category on Minority and Indigenous peoples

I’d like to propose you a new Category on Minority and indigenous peoples because they are disadvantaged peoples who need legal empowerment and there are many decisions of national courts and regional courts (Inter-American Court on human rights, African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, European Court on Human rights) that treat about minority/indigenous protection. Thank you.


Bonjour, Sall! Trust you are keeping well. I appreciate you writing to us to propose a new category - this is an interesting suggestion so I have moved it from a private message to a public topic in community discussions. I hope you don’t mind. I am also alerting the @moderators so they are aware and can jump in with their thoughts. I placed it in the #citizenship category which seems best suited as of now.

Typically we don’t create new categories until there is momentum gathering around a specific issue area and until we have members step up to facilitate discussion in that category. There’s nothing more sad than a forum with lots of categories with only a sprinkling of topics in each category. :sweat_smile:

Please see the example of three new categories we created recently - #espanol is moderated by @lucianabercovich and brings together spanish speakers in advance of a learning exchange coming up soon in Argentina, the #tech and #financing categories reflect a rise in interest in these topics and are contributed to by @MariaPetersen and participants in the OSF Shared Framework working groups.

Please feel free to use this topic to brainstorm topics we might discuss around the issue of minority and indigenous peoples, and people and organizations we could invite to help us with those discussions. We might decide it’s worthwhile to open a new category or perhaps to revise the description of this #citizenship category to cover minority and indigenous peoples rights more explicitly.

Thanks again for your suggestion!


Hi Sall, I agree - thank you for starting this discussion. For me, indigenous and minority peoples’ justice issues are cross-cutting across many of our current categories (like citizenship, land protection, environmental justice). I worry that making a separate category would further splinter the discussion. I think a lot of the topics and questions of interest to those working with indigenous and minority communities are the shared by organizations working with other communities. As well, many organizations that do not work with communities who identify as indigenous or minority could benefit a lot from learning from organizations that work with indigenous communities.

So I would encourage us to continue to post topics about indigenous or minority peoples in the other existing categories, like I have this this post about indigenous land titles.

Perhaps we can promote the use of the tag #indigenous and perhaps make one for #minority ? That would allow people to find all the posts tagged with those… could that serve the purpose you are thinking of?


I have studied, in my researchs, legal empowerment of minorities and indigenous peoples, and I have also found that they have so many problems others than lands rights and natural ressources exploitation. They face aslo many others problems such as social exclusion, violation of their health rights, have less education, discrimination at work, problem of acces to justice, violence against them by authtorities and the rest of the population, hate speech problem, violation of their cultural rights (religion, language, assimilation), extrem poverty. So if we can find a Category which can fit with all these elements, it’s OK for me.

I add also that the rights on lands and natural ressources and the right to self-determination are collectifs rights recognized only to indigenous peoples, not for minorities who have individual rights such as health rights, rights to fair trial etc.


@ismailasall Hi brother Sall I too come from a minority community and I agree with you that the problems of minority community are vast and a group would be relevant but the question is how many people are from the minority community? Secondly, I come from the school of thought that believes in the majority voices for the minority voiceless. So I strongly believe that these problems are cross cutting and can be discussed in the different categories that already exist. Please feel free to ask where to post any time you are stuck. As @tobiaseigen already told you. the #citizenship category covers several minority communities and as of now working with the Urdu speaking minority in Bangladesh and Nubian Ethnic minority among other minority communities in Kenya. I look forward to reading articles from you on minority rights on this platform.


Adding to this discussion that we currently have a #indigenous tag that you can use to find posts about Indigenous peoples, but we do not have ones for minorities yet. Might it be useful to have a tag for minorities that people can add to their posts?


@ismailasall and co - you can always privately flag any topic for moderator attention, for example because you think it should be given a new tag. Thanks for helping improve our forum! :rocket:

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Hi @tobiaseigen and @marenabrinkhurst, For me it does not matter, I can use others tags to publish anything i got about inorities ad indigenous peoples. I agree that we cannot have too many tags. Thank.