Access to free education for all

The DYNAMIC INTELLECTUAL CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION {DICF} is a non-governmental organization established to support at least One Thousand Three Hundred {1,300} children to access education in Sierra Leone. We intend to first of all create a database of children of school-going age that are presently not attending school. The notion is that most people are not aware of this initiative and as such they have not been able to benefit from this laudable idea. A nation-wide survey will be conducted to know the actual figure of children that are left out of the Free Education Program, with the pilot phase starting in Freetown. The beneficiaries will be street children, those living in slums, children of sex workers and children of families at risk { like refugees, migrants, single parents} and girls.


Dear @ernestjaward, Pleasure to meet you and welcome to NAMATI. I applaud your work with children in Sierra Leone. By being a part of this platform, you will definitely create awareness for your organization. @gladnessmunuo, I thought you might find this interesting since the CRISIS RESOLVING CENTRE (CRC) also supports children, specifically young girls.

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