Access to justice for children

I am happy to join the Global Legal Empowerment Network. The child right is yet to domesticate in northern Nigeria due to bad cultural, traditional and religious norms in the region. We have try all we could to see if the state in the northern part of Nigeria will domesticate the child right law to ensure children have access to justice but I proved abortive that it conflicted religion. Though the Nigerian constitution over right any state law but yet we still encounter friction in the administration of children right in region. Please can any one share with us on how to go about this? Or any best practices .


Hi Duning! great to see that you have joined us and that you are already seeking partnerships on #children’s rights. It was great to meet you in Abuja and I admire your passion for legal empowerment. Looking forward to see what partners and comrades in #nigeria working on similar issues may suggest. @fatimaadamu @dennisekwere @Yibis any leads?


The best way is synergy among us for amplified voice. I strongly believe we must begin to learn lobbying skills to get what we want. Yes, advocacy is good but lobbying could be better. That’s my take.

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