Access to justice; why is it important for citizens?

Every man, woman, and child deserve their human rights. Most African countries support formal human rights, but for a number of reasons, these rights are not always awarded to the people. One main reason can be that there is no access to justice. Access to justice is extremely important because if laws aren’t implemented, people won’t have their rights. If justice isn’t accessible there will be an injustice. This has a negative impact on individuals and wider effects on society as a whole.

The number of indigents persons requiring free legal aid is larger than one might suppose. The obligation to provide such persons with equal and exact legal assistance is increasingly recognized by individual lawyers and by legal aid societies, such as Hamza Social Justice, Namati, etc.

Himiza Social Justice seeks to break down barriers keeping the society in ignorance of the law. Ensure people are made aware of their rights and that these legal rights are adequately protected. Our outreach this month served 254 citizens, we are still crossing village to village where ignorance is very high, no courts to serve them, their located on rural, their poor and laws are hard to be available and to be used by them: through simplifying the laws to simple language, visiting them in their place, drafting legal documents, counseling and representing some in court of laws. All these put the laws into the hard of the people and use it for the betterment of their life.Uploading: IMG_20190517_110745.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20190517_110924.jpg…

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