Accessing the internet in rural areas where there is no power is a problem

Thank you Michael for letting others know about grants making groups in the world,but the problems is that many especially in Africa are not aware,and to access the internet in rural areas where there is no power is a problem.We still have to long way to go to harness the information in town and communicate with them through projects by visiting them by various programs like this of learning exchange.


Hi Blastus! Trust you are well. I moved this post of yours into its own topic because you raise an important point. You are right that as a global community we need to keep in mind that practitioners in rural areas face serious challenges with accessing information on the Internet, including even accessing discussions and resources shared here through the Global Legal Empowerment Network.

This is one reason we provide this system which works well with email and on smartphones, so those who are able to at least get to their email from time to time can participate and benefit. We also try hard to organize and present information in discussions so it is easy to access and use.

When we visited you at the Legal Aid Secretariat in Tanzania this summer, I remember being impressed to learn that you provide a print directory of legal aid organizations which also contains key info relevant for paralegals. Assuming you have an efficient distribution system, I imagine that is a great way to support people in rural areas with limited access to power and the Internet. Maybe this is something we could learn from and replicate.

Can you tell us how well that is working out, and also share the latest version in soft copy in the resource library? You can upload it yourself at or add it to your reply here and we can upload it on your behalf.

What else does the Legal Aid Secretariat do to help with the information needs of paralegals in rural areas?

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