Activist approaches to paralegal recognition?

@lorenzowakefield posed a great question during his Action Plan presentation at the Legal Empowerment Leadership course today:

What are some activist approaches to paralegal recognition?

We would love to hear what you think.

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Some activist approaches to paralegal recognition may include:

  1. Civic engagement - Meeting with key officers/stakeholders responsible for particular agencies in both the formal and informal justice system.
  2. Community dialogues with different groups with different needs. It allows community members to participate in the justice system claiming for their rights.
  3. Radio talk shows on access to justice to reach far and wide -areas and beneficiaries, hence increased awareness
  4. Partnerships with other legal aid service providers
  5. Identifiers - badges, jackets e.t.c Quick thinking through. Hop it helps. Faith.

These are great! Thank you, Faith.

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Hi Adding on to what Faith wrote 6. Local exchange trips to other organisations to see what their paralegals do in your region 7. Identifying opportunities for paralegals to attend seminars, workshops etc either within or outside the country 8. Opportunities to train other community volunteers with supervision

I hope that helps and if it triggers off other ideas , do please share with us Amina