Adding events to the forum calendar, formatting of events

I’m very excited for the events/calendar functionality, but I find the format of the title of event posts hard to read, especially the way we post webinar titles. It’s difficult to parse the important information when you see:

6-20, 09:00, (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Webinar: Six questions to ask when using tech to improve access to justice (20 June 2018)

Can we make the default format of these topic titles easier to read?

  • Can we lead with the name of the event, rather than the date and time, so it doesn’t take so long to get to the punch?
  • It’s not clear that 6-20 means a date, it’s easier to know what it is if it’s written out…What do you think of having it say June 20?
  • Is it necessary to include the long form name of the time zone? (e.g. 9:00, (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) )…can we just use GMT? or a shorter name for the time zones? btw does every person see the time in their own time zones? I assume yes; it’s not helpful if they only see ET. If not, I’d remove the ET time zone name and time entirely and go with GMT.

Also, when I click on the calendar icon, I keep on expecting to be sent to the calendar. Instead, it sends me to the topic. It’s kind of misleading - shouldn’t the icon of the calendar lead to the calendar itself, and the text of the topic lead to the topic?

Thanks for listening to my random thoughts.

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Thanks, Abby! It’s great to see feedback appearing here - we can do a great deal together as a community to help make the forum software look and work its best for our purposes and for everyone who uses this software.

Formatting of event topics on topic lists is functionality that would certainly benefit from some improvement. It’s complex functionality and I’m impressed that it looks as good as it does! I’ll discuss it with @angus and see what he’s interested in doing and what is workable.

Personally, I don’t see the need to show the time of day and timezone at all on topic lists. And the event day could be deprioritized a bit, by moving it to the tag area - it could resemble events on the topic page itself.

We do have a standard structure for event topic titles already to make them identifiable in lists, like this:

Webinar: TITLE (dd Month YYYY)

We could remove the (dd Month YYYY) from the end if we are committed to using the events plugin.

As regards what happens when you click on the calendar icon for an event topic - that’s interesting. I did not see it that way - to me that icon just indicates that it is an event. But maybe it would be interesting to have the event icon (on topic lists and on topics themselves) be a button that takes you to the calendar with the event opened up, like this screenshot. I don’t know if it’s possible but I’ll find out.

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Hey guys, great to see all this feedback.

The suggestions are all doable in the plugin (apart from one - see below) if you’d like to try them out.

@tobiaseigen If we want to just have the date in words rather than numbers on the topic list you can:

  1. Disable events timezone include in topic list.

  2. Change events event label short format to MMMM Do.

I’ve just added a new setting to insert the event label after (rather than before) the topic title in the topic list (events_event_label_short_after_title).

Also, if you want to change the event icon, you can choose any icon listed here: Cheatsheet | Font Awesome, then use the events event label icon setting.

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Thanks, Angus! Those are useful instructions. I have made the changes you suggest and the formatting of events on topic lists is already closer to what Abby was asking for.

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Hi Tobias! How do I input an event in the calendar?

Hi Marlon! Thanks for asking. Moving to this topic so others are also informed. Only moderators and members with appropriate permissions can add event details to topics. To create an event in the calendar, just create the topic as usual. Then save it. Edit the OP (original post) using the pencil on the post menu, where you will see the events icon. Select that events icon to add event details. There are some nifty features you can try out, including start and end date/time, time zone, rsvp.

Note that you have to edit the actual post to add the event details. It is not possible to add event details by editing the title. (Though I have asked @angus to add this feature. Nudge, nudge. :wink:)

Generally what I do is look for the official website for the event and I copy the key info from there into the title and body of the post, including a link to the website and contact details for people to use who are interested in the event. Then as usual I ask a direct request or question of fellow members near the top. The content should be fairly timeless because forum topics exist for the longer term, though we can always update it later.

In many cases I also inform the event organizers as well to let them know about the topic so they can help improve it, or get into the conversation if they like.

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Hi @martaalmela! Thanks for posting an event to the forum! It’s so nice to see events around the world filling in on the calendar. :rocket:

I added the event details for you. To add event details to topics, edit the first post in the topic and look next to the tags field for the events button (looks like a calendar). Then a window will pop up to let you set it up. Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @tobiaseigen, thanks a lot for adding the event details and for the explanation on how to do so! :smile:

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