Advice for establishing a new paralegal program

@cclodfelter wrote the following regarding an interest in starting a new paralegal program in the US, specifically after reading this resource: [Baseline Survey - Community Justice Needs Assessment][1].

She is a lawyer in the US looking to start a community paralegal program that would possibly address public health and environmental justice. Maybe @danielsesay or others would have advice for using an assessment as a base and methods of scaling up?

Her second follow up question is about existing paralegal programs in the US:

I know of very interesting community paralegal efforts that have received formal recognition in specific states, namely New York, California and Washington, which will be covered in more detail in a research project we are working on about paralegal recognition globally, which I will certainly share with you!

Does anyone know of successful community paralegal programs operating in the US that may be specifically helpful as models or contacts? @abigailmoy or @vivekmaru?

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