An Article on How Legal Empowerment Can Help Stop Climate Change - WIRED magazine

**"To stop the relentless march of climate change we must empower those most at risk"**

In the latest UK edition of WIRED magazine, Namati’s CEO, @vivekmaru, shares his ideas on what we, as a global community, must do to combat climate change. The current focus on large-scale policy change, he argues, is not enough. We need to simultaneously invest in bottom-up environmentalism by supporting those that are posed to be the most severely impacted by this dangerous planetary shift. Legal empowerment, says Maru, is a highly effective way to do this.

Read the article online, or find it in the May print edition of WIRED UK. We’d love to hear your reactions. What do you think this article got right or has overlooked? What would you add to this critical conversation? Please share your thoughts below. The best way we as a community can improve is by sharing information and ideas. cc: @namati_staff