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(Ali Hassan) #22

I can’t wait to read this book

(Charles Mubula Mopho) #23

Yes, @APAVLOV paralegals are legal workers, in this way my lawyer friend called me “Legal Man”.

Thank you


(Alexandar Pavlov) #24

Thank you very much! What kind of cases do you deal with? Civil. criminal, administrative?

Have a nice day!


(Charles Mubula Mopho) #25

I deal on all of the above, @APAVLOV someone may be denied access to justice if deals with one of it as no one to handle the other. However, I would make referral and follow up to the end to ensure justice is done.

Thank you.


(Gloria Acayo) #26

Thanks for this great piece shared. I have gone through some pages and it’s great. Keep up the good work

(Teboho Mashota) #27

Thank you so much for sharing, this is great. I am looking forward to reading it. Great job NAMATI :+1::+1:

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