Announcing the Winners of the Grassroots Justice Prize!

(McKinley Charles) #1

Last week, on World Social Justice Day, we had the honor of announcing and celebrating the three winners of the biennial Grassroots Justice Prize. Please join us in congratulating the winners!

Nossas Cidades, Brazil

Achmed Dean Sesay Memorial Prize for Innovation

Nossas Cidades educates citizens on the rights afforded to them by law when they are confronted by state violence. They train people to gather evidence and file claims, then monitor the progress of cases. Their innovative use of technology, whether via social media, the internet, and mobile phone apps, ensures that public officials and law enforcement are held accountable for their actions.They are at the cutting edge of legal empowerment efforts today.

Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice, USA/Mexico

Nomboniso Nangu Maqubela Memorial Prize for Scale and Sustainability

Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice helps migrant farmworkers from Mexico organize to improve the working conditions in the fields in the US. CMJW trains these farmworkers on their legal rights, helps them to bring legal claims before government agencies, and raises awareness of unlawful practices and deficient laws and enforcement mechanisms. Their close collaboration with unions and use of community fundraising makes their work sustainable and scalable. They are a shining example of how strategic partnerships with like-minded groups can expand the scope and impact of legal empowerment efforts.

Kav LaOved, Israel

#WalkTogether Prize for Courage

Kav LaOved defends workers’ rights and ensures the enforcement of Israeli labor law which is designed to protect every worker in Israel, irrespective of nationality, religion, gender and legal status. Most of the workers Kav LaOved assists are marginalized foreign nationals whose first-language is not Hebrew and who hold temporary employment visas allowing them to live and work in the country. Employers frequently take advantage of these foreign and migrant workers because of their vulnerable status in the country. The work of Kav LaOved takes true courage: defending the rights of foreign workers often goes against the tide of public opinion in a hostile political climate.

For more information about the Grassroots Justice Prize competition, the winners, and the ceremony, visit Announcing the Winners of the Grassroots Justice Prize

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What are you working on? (8 March, 2018)
(Sam Chelladurai) #2

Dear friends in solidarity

Thank you for the new bulletin.

It is so wonderful to read the details how these change makers in their community have been struggling to help their working constituency.

Good luck all the best

Sam Chelladurai

Bangalore. India

(Fanele Mnguni) #3

Hi @vivekmaru thank for your update on who the winners are. I am looking forward to receiving your weekly updates on global legal empowerment-Thank You very much, Regards Fanele

(Dilip Kumar) #4

Dear @vivekmaru and team Namati

Congratulation for the success of the Grassroot Prize. Congratulation to the winners whose work will inspire all of us who work for justice.

Thanks & Regards


(Andrew Ochola) #5

Congratulations to the winners! Well deserved. See you at the top.

(Mary Oyier) #6


Long Live NAMATI

(Mohamed Bobor Jalloh) #7

Great achievements for our 3 counterpart organisations. They have set an inspiring and motivational stage for us to emulate. Indeed, we applaud them for their immeasurable sacrifice and commitment amidst the daunting challenges they have been through.

LEWAF congratulate, Nossas Cidades of Brazil; Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice of the USA/Mexico and Kav LaOved of Israel for their success and wish them goodluck.

To Vivek and team, we say bravo for the success. WELL DONE

We join in solidarity.

(Malasen Hamida Twahir) #8

Wonderful very inspiring will soon follow suit

Regards Malasen

(Sanam Ali Khan) #15

Congratulations to all the wining organisations for making difference and reaching out to their communities.

(Ekemini Udoh) #17

congrats to the prize winners

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