Annual network survey: What will we do together in 2019?

Greetings friends!

Our annual survey is up and we are looking for your input on our Network’s direction in the coming year. If you have not already, please take 5-10 minutes to fill out this quick 10 question survey to help understand how we can better work together to build a movement for legal empowerment in 2019.

Your input from past annual surveys pushed us towards launching a new global campaign on financing and protection and more focused efforts at the regional level. Your input this year will help guide our direction with the global campaign’s efforts at the 2019 High Level Political Forum and elsewhere, our expanding regional efforts, and exciting new learning opportunities.

Now is the time to make your voice heard about the focus of our collective work. What should we do together in 2019? Take the survey and tell us.

  • To take the survey in English, please click here.
  • Para completar la encuesta en español, haga clic aquí.
  • Pour répondre à l’enquête en français, s’il vous plaît cliquez ici.

In solidarity,

Michael, Tobias, Maddy, Mohammed, and the rest of the Network team

ps - after you take the survey, please circulate with your colleagues and partners too!

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This is a great opportunity to get involved in programming for next year @Zahra @zena @yasahkym @Omar @makkahyusuf @mariamhussein We would love to hear from the entire NRF family.


Yes Here In South Africa Paralegals have been kicked out of the professional legal circle with the new Legal Practice Act that came in last month and they went from some rights and recognition to none.


Thanks for sharing @Nanandi. That is a real shame to hear, especially as there has been real progress on formal recognition in other countries while South Africa has one of the longest paralegal traditions. Still more work to be done…

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Hi Nanandi! Thanks for stopping by to tell us this disturbing news about the new Legal Practice Act. Can you share more details, including perhaps some links to news articles telling the story?

In the meantime, I hope you do answer our annual survey. Your voice is important! Here’s the link again:

After completing the survey, please share it with colleagues in South Africa to make sure their needs and priorities are taken into consideration.

Thank you! :seedling:


Au Mali, on soutient la mise en oeuvre de ce programme !


Vraiment un sujet important, au Mali la politique sur les parajuristes est en voie de consolidation par les organisations de défense des droits humains car ils jouent un rôle capital dans la distribution de la justice. Maintenant, le sujet sur la justice informelle est en cour de discussion au Mali pour valoriser d’avantage les autorités coutumières et traditionnelles afin de permettre au plus grand nombre d’accéder à la justice des justiciables !!!

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