Annual Survey - What should we get done together in 2018?

Greetings colleagues!

Our annual survey is open and we are looking for your input on our Network’s direction this year. If you have not already, please take 5 minutes to fill out this quick 9 question survey to help understand how we can better work together to advance legal empowerment in 2018.

Your input from past annual surveys helped steer us towards launching a new global campaign on financing and protection and more focused efforts with members at the regional level, like this regional exchange in Argentina. Your input this year will help guide our direction with the new global campaign and further regional activities, as well as the next Legal Empowerment Leadership Course, learning exchanges, webinars, and more.

We welcomed more members this year than ever before- now over 5000 individuals and over 1300 organizations, all working to put the power of law in the hands of people. Now is the time to make your voice heard about the focus of our collective work. What should we do together in 2018?

Take the survey and share your voice.

Let’s make 2018 count.

In solidarity,

Michael, Tobias, Ashley, Maya, and the rest of the Network team

ps - after you take the survey, please circulate with your colleagues and partners too!

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Hello all - this is a friendly reminder that it is your last chance to fill in our network’s annual survey before it closes this Sunday, March 25. It should take less than 10 minutes and will give us important guidance in our work in the year to come - we encourage you to give us this feedback and make your voice heard on our collective future.

Apologies (and thanks!) if you have already completed the survey, but if you have, you can still help by circulating the annual survey with other legal empowerment advocates that you know too.

Many thanks in advance,
Michael, Tobias, Ashley, Maya, and the rest of the team supporting the Global Legal Empowerment Network

@leadership_course_2017_participants @leadership_course_2016_participants @leadership_course_2015_participants @WomensRights @exchange_2016kenya @exchange_2016tanzania @exchange_2017argentina @exchange_2015bangladesh @exchange_2015philippines @namati_staff @leadership_course_2017_faculty @exchange_2018sierraleone


I am facing problems while completing the survey. I am unable to tick the response box but am able to write the text. Weird? Is there any other way I could complete this survey? Let me know.


Thanks for letting us know, Karuna! We are so glad you will complete the survey and are eager to hear what you have to say! :sunflower: We appreciate the effort and are sorry you’re having trouble with the form. I just checked it and it works for me.

I wonder if the survey didn’t load fully and correctly in your web browser. Could you try a few things, and let us know if you continue to have problems?

  1. close your web browser, reopen it and then go back to - if it doesn’t work, try reloading the page. Usually CTRL-F5 (CMD-F5 on Mac) will do a “hard refresh” of the page.
  2. if that doesn’t work, try opening in a different web browser (if you normally use Chrome, try it in Firefox)
  3. if that doesn’t work, try it on a different device altogether if you can.

If none of those steps help, you can always copy/paste the survey into an email and send it to us at - we’ll then gladly input it for you so your voice is heard.


Thanks for getting back to me right away. Will try and hopefully succeed.

All the best



Hi Michael,

I have just submitted my survey a shortwhile ago.

Many thanks for the gentle reminder.

I hope this find you ok.

Best regards,



Thanks @chimwemwendalahoma - nice to hear from you, hope all is well at PASI!

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good day friends of NAMATI i attended the Tanzanian exchange that was wonderful and exciting. i learned much and i think that for this year more of such learning’s should be done at regional levels say in Africa in 4 regions and organisation can be selected to lead the process. thanks


please i am finding it difficult to get the document to input my concerns. hope you will facilitate the proccess. thanks


Hay Michael, Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in the given timelines. This message was sent to my waiting list inbox.




Thanks @dunijeidoh and @Faith - I have written you directly with an option to still submit your responses before we close the survey for the year. It is also great to see that you would like to see more work on the regional level in Africa with selected member organizations leading the work itself - this is something we are actively pursuing, but more on that soon.

Thanks also to everyone else who completed the survey - your input is valuable to us and we will relay the results back to network members within the month.

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