Are There Lawyers Who Offer Pro Bono Services To NGOs Here?

Hello house, NGOs sometimes face the need for pro Bono legal services but don’t know where to run to. So, if any lawyer offers such here, let’s mention it and create a database of such services available in-house.

Charles we are many who urgently need this help

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It depends on your location and country of operation so you need to give the necessary information and narrow down your request to a particular place where the available lawyers can comply

Yes, I am a practicing Bangladeshi lawyer as well as provide pro bono service to NGO.

We offer pro bono services to NGOs on wildlife trade related matters, but it depends on the needs. You may contact me if need. Also, we are currently running a survey on conservation organizations legal needs with the idea to develop open access legal resources. If you are interested in it, here is the link:

Thanks. My NGO’s Nigerian branch needs help with a planned human rights application at the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice. Can we discuss more about this?

Thanks for offering probono services on wildlife litigation. I am sure wildlife NGO will see this as a useful resource. We have something on wildlife in the pipeline.

Yes, we can but before that I need to know the details about your organization and services provided through your organization. Thank you.