Are you attending the World Justice Forum?

Hello all,

I hope you’re all doing well! As the World Justice Forum 2022 is quickly approaching (beginning next week, May 30), we’re starting this thread to connect all those who are going to be attending.

Are you planning to attend the World Justice Forum, in person or online? If so, please respond to this thread and let us know!

For those of you who are attending in person, I’ll be there, along with colleagues @marlonmanuel and @lucianabercovich. We are hoping to organize some informal meet-ups with Network members next week. If you’re interested in joining, let us know! Please also join our Network @ WJF WhatsApp group here to connect with other members if you will be there in person only; we’ll be using this to coordinate our in-person gatherings!

If you will be attending online, let us know where you’re joining from and what sessions you’re excited to attend! I know @AbelTechane @Rachele @LindaMakau @rosekaha @LossieKonneh @PeterKachama2022 @JoelleSpahni @AMourassilo are a few of those attending virtually, and we’re excited to have you!

You can also find a list of Namati’s working sessions and other recommended sessions here. Looking forward to engaging with you all next week!


Dear Partner! Many thanks for your response. Please I would like to attend online.

Rachel thanks, I’ll be attending online

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Akhila, thank you for reaching out. I will be attending online.

I am hoping to attend one of the sessions in person, I am checking with my calendar to see which of the days I can be able to attend as I would be traveling from Germany to Netherlands. However, I will be attending other days online.

Hi @MichaelEhiem, great! Do let us know if you will be attending in person, and we’ll share details about any gatherings we’re organizing.

@konnehlossie @Timotistic12 @AbelTechane Great to hear you’re joining online. Do let us know which sessions you’re planning to attend!

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Thanks Akhila, i will be attending the sessions online. Looking forward

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hello dear Akhila i hope you are doing well ? thank you for reaching out. I will be attending in person best wishes kapalakasa zelo chiley Founder Executive Director of refugee together for social transformation twitter : @rtstuganda Instagram: @rtstuganda

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Hi everyone, I’m attending in person. Looking forward to meeting and seeing everyone again - especially @marlonmanuel whom I haven’t seen in a minute.

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See you there, Lorenzo, and everyone who will be there in person!


Hello Akhila, I will be attending in person the programs for the 2nd of June. Please equip me with details of any information I may need on this day. See you there.


Hello all!

I will be attending online. Truly excited!

I will be attending online. Anticipating for that day.

Akilah, thanks for reaching out to member of this noble platform. In difficult accessing the “World Justice Forum” Whatsapp group you created via the link here. Can you help add me to the WhatsApp group? +2348177149085( Attending via Online)

Founder, Youth Anti-Drug Campaign Africa( YADCA)

Thanks @oseniyusuf, and don’t worry, the Whatsapp group is mainly for those attending in person. If you are attending online, feel free to chat with other participants here, or through the app!

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Here we are, the Legal Empowerment Network team: @lucianabercovich, @marlonmanuel & myself are all at the Hague and ready to begin an exciting week of discussions about advancing grassroots justice and legal empowerment.

If you are here in person, please message us or say hi if you see us. We would love to meet!


Great! This is nice. We will be joining you online.


Absolutely lovely to see your beautiful faces! Enjoy being there in person. I will be following closely online!

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Hello, I have a question, is it still possible to participate virtually? How can I do it? Thank you!

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Hello, yes, it is still possible. You can register online here.