Arrests of Human Rights Activists in India


(Manju Menon) #1

Dear friends,

Yesterday, there were police raids of homes and arrests of several prominent human rights activists in India. They included lawyers, journalists, poets and writers. These arrests of activists who have spoken out loud against the growing state violence on oppressed people mainly religious minorities, Dalit, and adivasi communities, comes just months before the states of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, and the country go to polls. Please see the statements made by public intellectuals about the terrible state of Indian democracy and politics under the present government. They can be found here, here and here.

Particularly important is the statement made by Indira Jaising, a senior advocate who says that if defenders of rule of law are arrested then there is no rule of law to defend. There will be press conferences and solidarity actions to protest against the unlawful arrests of activists and the attack on democratic rights and civil liberties of Indian citizens in several parts of the country over the next few days.

The courts have temporarily stayed the transit remand of the activists and also stated that the documentary evidence for the arrests is poor.

We will be looking to the courts to restore rule of law and speak up for civil liberties.

with warm regards and in solidarity with ongoing struggles against oppression and discrimination.

Manju, Kanchi, Satnam and all of us working in India.


(Marlon Manuel) #2

Thanks for the updates, Manju.

@cocolammers @staceycram @mckinleycharles @vivektrivedi I suggest that we feature this latest news from India in the #JusticeForAll website, and, if possible, in the 10 weeks of action.

(Bernard ThankGod) #3

Good update as regards the oppressive nature against activists in India

(Vivek Maru) #4

Thank you @manjumenon for sharing. Thank you to @namati_ej and everyone in India who continues to defend the rule of law in spite of this crackdown.

I want to share one more reflection, by Namati board member Pratap Mehta. He concludes, “It is time for the courts and civil society to push back against a power that seeks to not just imprison our bodies, but stultify our souls.”

(Vidya Viswanathan) #5

People are coming out in support of Mahesh Raut, one of the falsely accused and arrested Human Rights Defender! A seasoned forest rights activist, Raut was working with numerous tribal villages across Gadchiroli (a conflict-ridden district in Mahasrashtra) fighting mining corporates and upholding the rights of forest dwellers. While the State may call him an “Urban Naxal” but the people from the ground are raising their voices in support of Mahesh and the other activists who have been falsely implicated. As many as 300 Gram Sabhas (village council) from Gadchiroli have passed a resolution in his support. We hope these voices get stronger with each passing day and justice is served without any further delay!

Read the story below:Gadchiroli’s 300 Gram Sabhas Pass Resolution in Support of Activist Mahesh Raut

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