Bangladesh’s plan to allow some child marriages is ‘step backwards’ (The Guardian)

I have just come across a campaign by AVAAZ to compel the Bangladesh Parliament to sign into law an end to child marriage.

It got me thinking that for most of the countries where child marriage has been ‘condoned’ the community advocates can push for law or policy reform so that by the end of two or so years, we have laws in most countries on specifically ending child marriage.


“JasHim Foundation” doesn’t like early child marriages in Bangladesh. We applied for BD government fund for help reduce early marriages but we did not get the fund yet.


@Chinga - this is an interesting article. During a learning exchange on women’s rights in Bangladesh in late 2015, @mitali and @zannatborna spoke about how the Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association had been successful in lobbying the government strategically with case data to advocate for legal reform. I would be curious if they had anything to do with this and, if so, whether they had any tips for other partners looking to start a campaign around this important issue elsewhere? Or perhaps other members from Bangladesh had some thoughts on how this is progressing in reality (@Zamil, @Zia_Uddin, @urdu, @mklawyers)? Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this article, @Chinga! As @michaelotto also mentioned, I would be very interested to hear from members in Bangladesh about any ongoing discussions or advocacy among civil society regarding this possible law.

It relates to an article I shared recently about how after reforms have been made to outlaw child marriage, access to legal identity documentation can be critical to ensure the law can be properly enforced - as the documents provide proof of age. The examples were also drawn from Bangladesh.


@lauragoodwin that’s true, even for us in Zimbabwe where the law has certain categories of children in terms of criminal offences both for the offender and the one offended against. My organisation has been assisting children with age estimations where there are no birth certificates but the process is costly and sometimes not very reliable. Hence the need to advocate for point of birth registration for all children.

How we are working as partners to mitigate GBV, especially child marriage.