Beijing +25 Survey

The years 2020-2021 represent the intersection of the 20th anniversary of the UNSCR 1325, the 5th anniversary of the UNSCR 2250, and the Beijing+25 review process, and could potentially be the point of transition to a bold, new generation of women-centered development and the beginning of a strong movement for transformational change. To accelerate the progress and implementation of these frameworks, a new compact between UN Agencies and CSOs will also provide a mechanism to guide CSOs in advancing these agendas in humanitarian settings, the Generation Equality Compact on Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action (Compact). Activists and entities working on promoting women’s rights in the Great Lakes Region (GLR) must have a voice in this historic new social contract that reflects potential commitments from the international community to the work in the Region.

ISOKO Partners for Peace and Gender Equality and Uwezo Africa Initiative , on behalf of the NGO Working Group on Women, Youth, Peace and Security in the Great Lakes Region of Africa , are conducting a study to understand the perspective of these grassroots women and young women, the progress and challenges that exist in implementing the critical areas of BPfA in the Region. We will use this information to inform a strategy for harnessing the expertise and resources across the Region in the broadest spectrum of civil society to fold into the mainstream discourse, and for creating a sustained movement and mechanism for GLR women and young women to have an equal voice and participate effectively in the Beijing+25 process and ensure that outcomes documents reflect their needs and priorities on Women, Peace and Security agenda, Equality and Sustainable Development in the Region.

The first piece of the study is an online survey, which will be conducted in Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. We ask that you please take the time to respond to this online survey, and additionally forward it widely to your networks. The survey is available in English and French, on the same link. The survey will be open until 8/31/20 .


The online survey form there is our email address under it in English, do we have to respond as well from Zambia? John

Hey @johnmasuwa, The link links to the survey hosted on google forms. Choose your language preference first, then proceed to the rest of the survey. Hope this helps.