Billboard: "peace is paramount"

Billboard seen in Mombasa

thanks, mary! I moved the photo from your tweet into your post so we can see it without clicking through to twitter. feel free to share photos here - it’s interesting to get a window into your life and experiences in mombasa.

can you translate the swahili for us?

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tuungane… means… lets come together WaPwani… Coastarians Tudumishe… Uphold Amani. Means PEACE Our Org logo is amidst

ONUG PWANI 20171227_212245

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Nice! Thanks for the translation. I’ve always liked swahili and enjoy learning more words, and these are good, meaningful words to know!

Can you add a profile for ONUG and apply for core membership?

Applying for core membership lets you tell us (the network team) many more details about your organization. If approved, you get a :star: next to your name in the forum and in the directory, and streamlined access to network face to face events and other opportunities.

To add an organization, edit your own profile and then for the last question “Organizational Affiliation” choose “+ Add new organization” from the pulldown. Then you can put in all the details about your organization which will appear on your organization profile. You will be listed as network champion (official contact) and also your colleagues can join and also be listed as affiliated.

Once added, you can visit the organization profile and select CORE MEMBERSHIP to complete the application. It’s a long form so you can always add what you know and then come back later to add more details after consulting with your colleagues and collecting the relevant info.

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THANKS. God is Good. @tobiaseigen

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