Building trust in the community

Change is hard and for some people, it’s almost impossible and for others, they are afraid it could curse more harm than good for them. In our present day most people grew up fixing things their way and the slogan. Living it for God, has blinded so many people from the Urban poor Community’s to seek for justice and redress, when their rights have been violated. In these hard circumstances a Paralegal is introduced into the community to teach them and help them seek for justice instead of leaving things and blaming God for their inactions. A Community Paralegal has training to gain the trust of his Community members and patiently teach them about justice. It’s not an easy task but nothing is easy in life. It’s either you gain their trust or you forget about being a Paralegal. One Case is all you need to convince the rest of the community that seeking justice is for their best interest and from there the work gets more interesting cuz you start putting smiles on people’s faces and earn their respect for the good works you do for them, to make their lives more meaningful and oppression free. Freedom is the key to happiness and a fulfilled life. Don’t give up hope for they need you more than they can ever tell you, just keep pushing and the right results will come

Hi Timothy, I was reading your post just recently,am also interested in the community paralegals.You know there is this project that we implemented in Balaka-Malawi some 3 years ago to with community empowerment,it was a community response towards addressing power inequality, dysfunctional governance structures and exclusion and lack of transparency and accountability in service provision by duty bearers.Therefore we established community structures called Community Rights Committee and Community Based Facilitators with the aim of empowering the wider community to demand for delivery of services from duty bearers.But am telling it was really hard to change the mindset of communities


Daniel good day, I do appreciate your story a lot and am glad for the fantastic steps you’ve been taken to improve your Community, I became a Community Paralegal certified to help the Urban poor seek for justice and Empowerment of the rule of law,