Bukavu/RDC cité des crimes de haine à l'encontre des personnes LGBTI

Prédominance des crimes de haine anti-LGBTI: quel plaidoyer pour une réelle égalité de genre en République Démocratique du Congo?

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Hello, Alphonse! Welcome again to the network. I’m glad you posted this interesting and important question. According to automatic translation, you wrote:

Prevalence of anti-LGBTI hate crimes: what plea for real equality of sort in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Given that you are in Bukavu advocating on behalf of LGBTI, can you start the conversation by telling us some more here about the situation, the successes you have had, challenges you face? What support is available for LGBTI in Bukavu and in all of DRC?

What are your hopes for the future? What is your vision for getting to that hoped for future? :rainbow: