📆 Mark your calendars! Every Friday is FORUM FRIDAY

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Active members know our forum emails us when we are mentioned and sends weekly email summaries of the latest discussions. But in fact our forum works best for those who log in regularly, just like Facebook or Twitter.

I know not all of us can log in every day - we are busy and often away from the computer working with communities, after all. But we can commit ourselves to reserving at least 30 minutes one day a week to read discussions. FORUM FRIDAY is a great day to log in, when everyone else is here too!

Here are some things you can do when you log in:

  • Visit TOP to see the most active, newest discussions and jump right in by clicking on one that draws your eye. When you reach the bottom of a topic, look for the “Suggested Topics” list below and click one of those to move on to another topic. This way you can efficiently work your way through the latest topics in the categories that interest you.

  • Visit LATEST and sort by number of replies to see unanswered topics. If you are interested in a topic or have insights or information to contribute, you can add a reply to help move the conversation along.

  • Read recent #welcome topics to meet the newest arrivals to our community. Remember how it was when you first got here and had to find your way around? Help new members feel welcomed by adding a friendly reply!

  • Catch up on the RESOURCE OF THE WEEK, a short profile of a key resource from the resource library that touches on an important theme within legal empowerment. You can also upload publications you have authored or find useful to the resource library (or email it to community@namati.org and we’ll upload it for you).

Even if you have nothing to say, use :heart: to express appreciation when you see a post you agree with or like. It’s a small gesture that makes a big difference! The :heart: lets the post author know what they have written is appreciated and helps all of us feel connected in our supportive and nurturing community.

Have questions? Take a look in the Frequently Asked Questions topic. Moderators are standing by to advise you on contributing to and benefitting from the network, including how to use the forum and resource library. We can even go on Skype for hands on training. Just drop @moderators a message to get started.

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