Call for Suggestions for Webinar Speakers and Topics

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been speaking to several network members whose organizations are working on issues related to legal empowerment. They all seem excited to do webinars on various topics of interest. See the names and summary of their work below. This is a good offer from our friends! But I’d also like to encourage everyone to post your own suggested topics or speaker (if any) by replying to this post with the topic. We will endeavor to find someone that suits your interest. Thanks!

Phelix Lore – @lore is the Executive Director of a Mombasa based human rights organization – HAKI (Ki-Swahili for Rights) CENTER in the coastal region of Kenya. The organization is currently working with paralegals on “access, use and benefit of land and natural resources” [for local communities]; increase citizen participation in service provision through social accountability; statelessness – birth and death registration – including mobile registration through working with affected people to navigate public bureaucracy/authority.

Dr. J. Coenie Louw – @Coenie is a Physician and Medical Director at the Gateway Health Institute in South Africa. He is also a founding member of the African Human Rights Foundation. Dr. Louw is currently working on GBV (gender-based violence) issues in South Africa. In particular, his organization is implementing projects in women and girls empowerment. He is organizing a road show (16 day walk for up to 800 miles) to raise awareness on GBV and customary/traditional rule that discriminate against women. Dr. Louw is also interested in expanding paralegal services throughout the nine provinces of South Africa, and would like to see paralegals’ involvement in issues like GBV, health and inheritance rights for women. Dr. Louw is currently in New York (until November 16) to give a talk at a UN organized conference. Subsequent to that, he will attend an award ceremony of which he is number three on a list of five.

Joyce Nyamboli@joycenyamboli is the Director of FIDA – Cameroon and North West Female Lawyers Association. Joyce’s organization uses various legal provisions in Cameroonian laws to educate disadvantaged women on inheritance rights. Her main strategy is community outreach; at times offers pro bono services to indigent women; as well as mediate in disputes involving extended family members.


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