Can you help us understand how technology is being used to give the public legal information and access to legal services?

We at The Engine Room - an international nonprofit that helps organisations like yours to make the most of data and technology - are working with the Open Society Justice Initiative on an exciting new research project. And we want your help!

We want to know how organisations are using technology to:

  • give the public information about their rights and legal processes

  • connect people with legal advice from paralegals and lawyers

  • give legal services directly to the public (through creating documents, helping resolve disputes and more)

We’re looking worldwide to find initiatives. Do you know any projects like the ones listed above? Add them to this spreadsheet or mention them in the comments below.

What we’re interested in:

Everything from SMS and USSD systems that give people legal information when they need it, to online dispute resolution systems or smartphone apps that collect evidence that can be used in court. The readme in the spreadsheet explains how you can add information.

What we’re doing next:

We’ll be looking in-depth at a small number of initiatives to identify things that could help others working on similar projects, and will be be publishing findings towards the end of the year. If you’d like to talk more, message me here or email Thanks!


Dear Tom Walker,

This Mr NABE Kanfiegue thank you for this opportunity.

Bombouaka -Togo


Our pleasure. Feel free to get in touch with me or my colleague Nonso (based in Abuja) if you want to know more:

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Dear Tom I’m leading the establishment of a new law clinic at Kampala International University in Kampala, Uganda. We are focusing on Child support and abandonment and other projects. We shall give you full detail soon. We will be greatly encouraged if we can enjoy your support. Thanks Dr Olugbenga OkeSamuel


Hi, Tom thanks for the information. I am from Venezuela and I am very interesting in this opportunity. Please let me know what should I do to have more information. My organization is an my email Thanks. Beatriz ( Bibi) Borges

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Hi @beabor - great to hear you’re interested. The deadline for the Matchbox programme has passed, but I sent you a private message so we can chat about any other ways we can help. Thanks!

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@Olugbengami I’d love to talk. The deadline for the Matchbox programme passed last week, but I’ll send you a message so we can talk in more detail. Thanks for getting in touch!