Catch box mic that encourages participation

It’s usually tricky to engage the audience in a meeting. I came across a revolutionary invention - catchbox.

@michaelotto @mckinleycharles what do you think about this?


Hi Mustafa! Catchbox looks really fun. Thanks for sharing! I changed your link from facebook to youtube, so it’s easier for people to get to it without having to log into facebook. The idea of throwing a microphone into an audience and passing it around to encourage participation is really a good one.

However, the product is fairly expensive - $399 is the starting price to buy it. But it is more high tech than it first appears - to make something like this appear simple while still working well is pretty complicated.

Maybe jua kali can come to the rescue?

Thanks @tobiaseigen for the edits . I looks cool and engaging for the audience. Of course start ups are very expensive it is a good concept and hope the price drops soon. I might just get it for the love of tech :wink:. Jua Kali mods could also be a good idea. I will give that challenge to a friend who is into tech.

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I used to have a bluetooth headset that I used for roundtable discussions with remote participants on skype and that were recorded… I configured it in skype as the audio input while the audio output was the speaker hooked up to the flatscreen.

We just passed that bluetooth headset around to give people the floor and so they could be heard by the remote participants. It worked quite well except that of course the headset was small and unwieldy.

Seems to me that any bluetooth headset could do the trick for this, inserted into a hole in any foam ball :soccer: or soft object that can be tossed around and shared.

This is a good idea but the challenge will be noise cancellation.

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