Celebrate with us. Join the Legal Empowerment Network’s 10-year anniversary celebration call!

Date: October 20, 2022

Time: 9-10 am EST | 1-2 pm UTC

Zoom registration link: Meeting Registration - Zoom

Ten years ago, a group of justice defenders had an idea. By bringing together the people who help communities around the world to know, use, and shape the law, we could accomplish things together that none of us could do alone. And so, the Legal Empowerment Network was formed.

A decade later, we are the largest community of grassroots justice defenders in the world. Our network brings together more than 3,000 organizations from over 170 countries, all working for a more equitable and sustainable world. By learning from and working with each other, we are building a global movement for justice.

Join us for a celebration of the power of our community and help shape our Network’s plans for the next 10 years! We will be featuring musical performances, stories and memories from members about their engagement with the Network, and inviting you to share your ideas for the Network’s future.

The call will take place via Zoom, and is open to current members as well as anyone interested in learning more about the Network. Registration is required. Please register here.

Interpretation will be available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Celebra con nosotros. ¡Únete a la llamada de celebración del 10º aniversario de la Red de Empoderamiento Jurídico!

Fecha: 20 de octubre de 2022

Hora: 9-10 am EST | 10-11 am Buenos Aires, 8-9 am Ciudad de México y Bogotá

Enlace de registro al zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYvcu-trTMtG9NdmRG3DpNipL03AXO5WXzN

Hace diez años, un grupo de defensores de justicia tuvo una idea. Al reunir a personas que ayudan a comunidades alrededor del mundo a conocer, usar y transformar el derecho, podemos lograr cosas juntos que ninguno de nosotros puede lograr solo. Y así se formó la Red de Empoderamiento Jurídico.

Una década después, somos la mayor comunidad de defensores de justicia de base del mundo. Nuestra Red reúne más de 3.000 organizaciones de 170 países. Todas ellas trabajan por un mundo más equitativo y sostenible. Aprendiendo y trabajando juntos, estamos construyendo un movimiento global por la justicia.

¡Únete a nosotres para celebrar el poder de nuestra comunidad y ayudar a dar forma a los planes de nuestra Red para los próximos 10 años! Tendremos actuaciones musicales, historias y recuerdos de los miembros sobre su involucramiento en la Red. También te invitamos a compartir tus ideas para el futuro de la Red.

La celebración se realizará a través de Zoom, y está abierta a los miembros actuales, así como a cualquier persona interesada en saber más sobre la Red. Para participar es necesario registrarse. Por favor, regístrate aquí.

Habrá interpretación en español, francés y portugués.

Célébrez avec nous. Joignez-vous à l’appel de célébration du 10e anniversaire du Réseau d’autonomisation juridique

Date : 20 octobre 2022

Heure : 9 h à 10 h HNE | 13h-14h UTC

Lien d’inscription Zoom : https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYvcu-trTMtG9NdmRG3DpNipL03AXO5WXzN

Il y a dix ans, un groupe de défenseurs de la justice a eu une idée. En rassemblant les personnes qui aident les communautés du monde entier à connaître, utiliser et façonner la loi, nous pourrions accomplir ensemble des choses qu’aucun d’entre nous ne pourrait faire seul. C’est ainsi que le Réseau d’autonomisation juridique a été formé.

Une décennie plus tard, nous sommes la plus grande communauté de défenseurs de la justice au monde. Notre réseau rassemble plus de 3 000 organisations de plus de 170 pays, toutes œuvrant pour un monde plus équitable et durable. En apprenant les uns des autres et en travaillant les uns avec les autres, nous construisons un mouvement mondial pour la justice.

Joignez-vous à nous pour célébrer le pouvoir de notre communauté et aider à façonner les plans de notre réseau pour les 10 prochaines années ! Nous présenterons des performances musicales et des histoires de membres du Réseau et vous inviterons à partager vos idées pour l’avenir.

L’appel aura lieu via Zoom. L’inscription est obligatoire. Veuillez-vous inscrire ici.

L’interprétation sera disponible en espagnol, anglais et portugais.


Hello all,

Thanks to all of you who were able to join, cheer, and celebrate together! We had a powerful, inspiring, and energetic virtual gathering with Network members far and wide. We were lucky enough to hear beautiful musical contributions from paralegal and musician @Timotistic12, Sustainable development campaigner Rohan Rathna Bagchand, and health advocate with Namati Mozambique, Davide da Conceição.

We also heard beautiful reflections from Network members, including:

  • Martha Opilli (@Marthaopilli) of Keeping Alive Societies Hope who shared how her participation in the Legal Empowerment Leadership Course helped her forge connections with other Network members who have remained a source of support, both personally and professionally, and enabled her to build her career. With respect to personal development, she has been able to use the knowledge she learned about knowing, using and shaping the law in her work, and share it with colleagues. With respect to organizational development, her participation in the Network has enabled her organization to apply for and secure funding through the COVID-19 Grassroots Justice Fund for community sensitization around COVID-19 and vaccinations. Most importantly – the connections are real in the Network, shared Martha.

  • Tom Weerachat (@Tom_Weerachat) from the International Accountability Project reflected on how he feels the Network is like a chosen family. He described it as a place he always feels welcomed, included, and supported. Tom shared:

I live in and come from a forest mountain ecosystem, so the way I see the Legal Empowerment Network is as a food forest of a lifelong learning and friendship and solidarity. It’s so rich and diverse with knowledge and experience. More than that, it’s the common dreams we all have together. And when you feel hungry, you come here, you find something – someone will share with you something. You can always count that there will be food for thought for you. – Tom Weerachat

We also shared a bit about our Network’s Justice For All campaign, and the successes we achieved together collectively.

Finally, we heard from many of our members, who shared what the Network means to them. Together, we created the word cloud below. What stands out to me are the words: solidarity, community, inspiring, global, exchange, together, learning, movement.

You can watch the recording and listen to the wonderful songs played by our Network members here:

Recording in English:

Recording in Spanish / Español

Recording in Portuguese / Portugués


It’s amazing and a wonderful experience, I was tied down with two engagements on the date of celebration and only heard comments from friends about the celebration and my performance, before I could settle down and log in, it was over and I just didn’t know what to say or do in the circumstances but today am very happy and glad that am able to watch and feel among the participants of the anniversary, Legal Empowerment Network is now a way of life for me, thank you so much


Akhila thanks for a beautiful 10 years anniversary for Legal Empowerment Network, and to the organizers and participants for their wonderful contributions and for sharing their experiences to us. And all other musician’s that performed. Am really excited watching the 10th Anniversary of Legal Empowerment Network on video I tube and I say a big thank you to our Amiable family and hoping we’ll meet again for another celebration soon. God bless you all and have a great day. Timolistic