Celebrating Community Paralegals

Dear Network Members.

I created this Topic because of the need to celebrate efforts of all the people making changes in their various communities who are present here. I watched TEDxEuston and I couldn’t have been more proud. My colleague and I watched with rapt attention. We have downloaded the Video and would play it to our community paralegals in our next meeting as a source of motivation.

@mustafa_mahmoud may be a Namati Staff, he started as a paralegal and the passion and wealth of knowledge he carries is worth acknowledging, so today, I celebrate him and others like him and urge him to carry on . For others doing similar work, please feel free to share the story of a paralegal who inspires you.

Next time, I would celebrate one of our own paralegals from here at home in Nigeria helping his community stand up against known serial rapists.

Well done Mustafa


Dear @fatimaadamu Thank you for the positive feedback. I personally get inspired by the paralegals. They are our unsung heroes. I support your initiative, we should celebrate them. I learnt a lot from my experience working with paralegals before joining Namati and up to now they are my source of inspiration, The likes of @zena @Mwanatumu @Yasminawale @Zahra among others. Please feel free to share the video as wide as you can.


Thank you, Fatima, for this wonderful and heartfelt celebration of community paralegals! And thank you for letting us know that @mustafa_mahmoud’s TEDxEuston talk is now up on YouTube and available for all.

I added the direct link to the video to your post above for the benefit of those that follow. It’s certainly worth watching and sharing to spread the good news about the important and courageous work being done by paralegals in Kenya and around the world. Congratulations, Mustafa!

Do share your stories here to celebrate paralegals you know. What a terrific idea.


Wow - that was truly inspiring. Congratulations on a heartfelt and powerful talk, @mustafa_mahmoud! And a massive thank you to @fatimaadamu, who again proves herself to be more up to date with some of the successes and victories of my own colleagues than I am… :smile:

I agree with @tobiaseigen that we should continue to encourage the celebration of community paralegals here through stories such as this one.


Hahahahaha​:wink: :wink: :wink: :joy: Michael, you are always on top of issues. I don’t know how you guys manage but the level of effectiveness at Namati is worth emulating. One day, I’ll write a long espitel about you.:ear::joy:


I just watched Mustafa’s TED talk again all the way through and it was very inspiring. At one point, Mustafa said one thing that I found very moving:

My mentor once told me, you can silence an institution. You can silence an organization. But you can never silence a community. And we decided, the approach is to begin a community movement.

Later, he built on this:

The power is in the community. We might assume that we have the solution, but the solution lies in the community. Build the community. Let the community fend for itself. Let the community speak for itself. Let the community advocate for itself. And believe you me, your goal will reach. But if you want to speak for the community, you want to work for the community, the community will never grow. They will be dependent on you.

This is food for thought for all of us to chew on.


The power of change lies in the community and with the community and so is the solution to the problems. Thank you @tobiaseigen highlighting the true solutions in this video.



Interesting. What’s the topic you are going to discuss? I am one of your remote virtual cheering squad :tada: :confetti_ball: