Celebrating the Justice For All Campaign

The Justice For All campaign ran from 2018-2021.

The campaign advocated for increased financing and protection for grassroots justice defenders around the world. It was designed and led by the Legal Empowerment Network, and executed by a coalition of justice organizations.

To celebrate what we, as a community, achieved together, we have put together a video about the campaign. Watch it below!

We have also created a website to house the key impact and wins of the campaign, as well as the lessons we learned over the course of the campaign. Click here to have a look at the website!


Akhila thanks for this wonderful video, I was really touched by the message and I believe in justice for all, that’s why I became a Community Paralegal human rights advocate and very excited about this project and love to be a full part of it. Have a lovely day

Thank you so much, Timothy, for your comments! So glad you enjoyed the video, and for all your hard work for our movement. We’ll all keep fighting for justice.

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Yes we will and it’s just the beginning