Checking in with ChildHelp Sierra Leone

Hello Kaprie! Trust you are well. You may remember me from Kabissa days. :slight_smile: I see you have an account here in the Global Legal Empowerment Network, but you have not been active. Can you confirm you received this message and try to log in? Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions at all.

Hi My Friend, How are you doing? I always tell my friends that, it is Kabissa - Space for Africa help me get in touch with people in the world.

When I saw your name among the Namati group, i was so happy as i thank you for the courage and advice you gave me during the Kabissa hosting of ChildHelp and the way you were trying to help us through promotional company overseas. I remember those days and your name is still in our book of those who has done great for us, whether little or big. thank you very much.

Many at times, I have been emailing you about what we are doing and how things are going on, but we cannot get responses from you. I have met with @vivekmaru also, the leader for Namati, when he was boss for TIMAP FOR JUSTICE. An activity which i did love so much before. I have also visited Namati helpline in Makeni, and offices in Port Loko and in the South because, we are dealing with abuses and neglects for children and youths - answering and counselling, and does referrals to appropriate and recognised institutions for action.

Our site is and we like NAMATI’s legal empowerment very much as we have an activity within our development outreach. We started a ChildLine - an helpline but no funding and there are many abuses going on against children and youths which we need to dealt with and document well, as our country do not have statistics on this, even at national level. Our ChildLine is 088002027 and we have tried for a 3 digit to avoid this paid line but not yet easy and on process.

Its true we have not been active in the Global Legal Empowerment Network as the funding we were expecting did not go through, and children in communities abused, neglected, marginalized, etc are calling to address their issues.

I will log to see and will let my staff knows what is going on and will be glad to stay in touch always. Sorry for not participating, but promise to continue.

Take care and thanks for your cooperation in the past. God bless you indeed.

Love from Kaprie J G Thoronka Executive Director ChildHelp Sierra Leone 2 Samuels Street Makeni Sierra Leone Facebook.con/childhelpsierra +2378666269 / +23277567921

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Great to hear from you again - you were always one of our most active and devoted Kabissa members! :heart: I am sorry I became harder to reach via Kabissa in recent years. I can be more responsive now in the context of Namati and the Global Legal Empowerment Network. Do look forward to seeing you logging in regularly and joining discussions. As a discussion based community, you can build up your reputation and enable people to get to know you and your strengths and challenges by reading and responding to topics in the forum. Even clicking :heart: to indicate support is a way of participating. Your valuable knowledge, experience and perspective is needed here!

Do you mind if I move this private message into the public #paralegals category? There is some good information that you provide here that I know my Namati colleagues in Sierra Leone and network members interested in paralegal work will want to see.

Thanks. I will be glad to move us to the paralegal area. There is a discussion i have invited people from Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to contribute towards our child help line in how Legal empowerment and Injustice can be addressed in child help lines. Also we are not using always @helpachildinafrica but @childhelpsierra, can you correct that for us in your network? Thanks. Kaprie

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Hi Kaprie - ok, I’ve now made this thread a public #paralegals topic so @vivekmaru, @namati_sierraleone team and all members can also see it. I think they will be interested in learning more about your childline, how that is set up and how it works.

OK, I changed your username to @childhelpsierra. Also, you will want to have a look at your organization profile and update it to add a logo and more details:

Tobias, Our childline is not properly set up as expected funding to have all logistics were not made available. Our childline has requested for 116 111 which should be used nationwide. Still we have that gap. But we are fighting it to have it done before 2017 ends. We use our mobile phones which cost us a lot.

Thanks Kaprie

interesting - thanks for that. let’s continue the conversation about childline over in the other topic you started:

ok. thanks