Child-Friendly Justice Terminology Guideline

I would like to share with you a new practical resource that I think can be beneficial for your work and for the field of child justice and children’s rights.

Our Child Justice Network has published the Child-Friendly Justice Terminology Guideline, available in English and Khmer! You can access the guideline through our website at

This guideline is meant to promote the wider use and proper understanding of child-friendly terms in relation to child justice, providing a list of preferred terms to use and terms to avoid, as well as definitions of key terms used in the sector.

Please share this guideline widely with your organization, colleagues, members, partners, and networks, and please feel free to include the guideline in your newsletters, websites, and other platforms. We will also be disseminating this widely both in and outside of Cambodia, and we will work with various stakeholders to promote the use of child-friendly justice terms.

Child-Friendly Justice Terminology Guideline_Child Justice Network_EN.pdf (713.5 KB)

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Thanks for sharing. This is a good tool, especially for those practicing child protection.